The heat season 2015: will the hot come to Alchevsk?

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To stay in a fierce winter with cold batteries or to overwinter in relative comfort and hot? The preparing to heat season is a serious case and it doesn’t forgive mistakes. tried to find out how to prepare to heat season in one of the huge cities of «young, dynamicallyv developing state».

New Year in the darkness and cold: how Alchevsk survived in last winter

Alchevsk and its dwellers are mostly fear to stay without a heating. This city of 100 thousands of people has become the victim of the technogenic catastrophe in 2006  as a result of it 677 housings and moreover 71 thousands of people stayed without heat.

Last heating season was unknown to Alchevsk. There were thunders of explosions at the outskirts and permanent disconnections of electricity, connected with regular shellings of Schastie thermal power station.

In spite of this heating season 2014-2015 has started relatively in time. Central heating duct was collected and pressed in the middle of October, the system of heating in 380 high-rise buildings also was collected, the object of social sphere were connected. The repair works were done in 28th from 35th of city boilers.

The heat was supplied in 647 houses from 747 at the end of October 2014.

Regular disconnections of electricity became one of the main problems of last heating season.

“It’s impossible to allow the stop of the circulation of water, when the minus temperature around and electricity is absent. There can be the freezing of the coolant in the tubes. That’s why we are applying to residents of the city with the request to vigilance and if it is possible to carry out the heatings of places of supply coolant in homes” — the director of Alchevsk Utility  Valeriy Geraschenko worried that times.

Except this, the repair of kettle in boiler “Zavodskaya” was made for the at the expense of Utility “Alchevskteplokommunenergo” last autumn.  The kettle “ПТВМ-100” of capacity of 100 Gcal/h was capitally repaired in rooms of this boiler.

As it was in Luhansk, a lot of houses of Alchevsk dwellers were without heating, because of absence of electricity at the New Year night. A big number of houses hurried up to pour off the water and it managed to avoid big trouble. There was freezing of 20 degrees and 10 years ago technogenic catastrophe could repeat.

“Unfortunately, the current heating season is connected with the big number of starting of systems of heating supply after every shutting down of the power. It spoils worn-out network. Frequent hammering bring to an increasing of the number of impulses. That’s why heating season 2014-2015 became to us the one of the most difficult and tense for the last years” — Valeriy Geraschenko claimed about it last winter.

Hot batteries and warm blankets: it depends on power engineerings

Local authorities talk with optimism about perspectives of a new heating season 2015-2016.

“The main thing for us is to survive in this heating season without often disconnection of power — says “the head of administration” of Alchevsk Natalia Pyatkova  — Last winter boilers had a problems, workers might to start a few times for a season all equipment, which brought to waste and fails. If power engineerings will work without crashing, we will hold heating season well” — she considers.

If we can believe to appointments of local authority, according to condition on September all 35 boilers, providing housing fund of Alchevsk and objects of social sphere are ready to start. The filling of the main heating routes to identify the so-called «bottlenecks», also pressure testing of intra-house heating systems were conducted. Attics and basements are heating, the special attention is paying to frame-panel houses.



Dug heating main on Lenin square, autumn 2015

Residents of the city ironically treat to optimistic and brave reports of local utility and fill their wardrobes with warm clothes, blankets and traditional heating means, which not only one time saved inhabitants of Alchevsk in winter — plastic bottles to collect boiling water.
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