Don’t hate Donbas people!

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The best description of my current treatment to my native Motherland is in the old joke about divorce proceedings. Female from not a young pair is asked if she wants to part with her husband. She answers with fists clenched and hissing: «To present this beat freedom after such a number of years of bullying? Nope!» Hate to this native Motherland, born in my youth, managed to intertwine surprisingly with inability to live somewhere…

It’s unclear why, but I always wanted to come back. I want to do this now. By the way, this wish get some meaningfulness and validity. Hard thoughts are pressuring on my brain, stuff like, that my family was forced to leave our already built and repaired house by the whim of some not-so-self-minded people, who can’t line up causal connections. The main things, which drives me home are greed, anger and pride put to shame. Solid mortal sins.

Can anything change there? I mean changes not in a wc, but in heads. Changes must be begun by ourselves. We are the thinking part of “donbas people”. What do I mean? I begin from afar.

I’ve noticed one time that talks and retellings of rave from pro-Russian relatives took all the of our communication, when we meet with our compatriots run away from this East-end.

Some of «Bullfinch», «epileptic grandmothers”, «crucified boys in panties”. Such idiotism amused me for a long time. But it has become understood that it’s enough, it’s not funny! The real changes will begin when we understand what happens in the heads of this people…

I need to make a little explanation, because I feel that I will be called regular supporter of “pr-personalities”. I don’t call anybody to forgive and to understand. I call to understand that Russian propagandists are right pure 100%. Russia and America are really struggle on the Eastern side of Ukraine. Russia is struggling for their right to exist at all. It’s because of everything that had the pretensions on such a meaning as “Russia” loses right to be. That’s why it started a battle “last and strong”. It’s bad that this battle had begun in our home and nobody knows where it will roll. But I don’t see any reasons to this process to replace on The West.

And one more thing, they absolutely right — the State of Ukraine hasn’t existed at all. It hasn’t been and there were no place in XIX century. Their meager knowledges of history serve them like the weak excuse, that there weren’t Germany, Italy, Ireland and a lot of countries in XIX century. And some times ago there were no Russia and XXI century, according to current situation, has no place for this state. It hadn’t done anything in XX century to prepare to XXI. Communist doctrine had only two actually standing motives to come into this world. First real motive: world must see the dead end of Communism and disappointed in left outlook. And I need to say truth: this world learned it on a weak satisfying. And the second one is to make full and complete accelerated wreck of Russia. It could be dying for a few centuries, but “the door was opened and the light was shielded by hegemon”. Communism accelerated the process of rotting.

There is one phrase, the author of which, maybe, I will never find: “It is necessary to change, if you need to survive. But nobody makes to survive”. Russia is doing everything not to change. The result of these efforts you can watch a little bit above.

And what to do those people like me who are driving back by resentment, greed and a lot of factors? To start is to stop stebbing “vatniks”. It will become more easy, when we stop to treat them like idiots and try to understand their “idiotic” logic. It exists in their world and it is stable and strong like iron. Could USSR “kick ass to Americans”? Of course it could. And the recipient RF also can do. And it’s nothing that GDP of RF is less than GDP of New-York. We have been living for dozen of years among people who hated Ukrainian power, but indulgently treated Efremov and Yanukovich and nobody found paradox in it. They were afraid KGB in Soviet times, now they love Russian tsar from this structure. It is the multiage esthetic, which infected our region everywhere.

The mentality of Russian is not the same as normal human has. I mean peace and calm inside, faith in kindness and sane. No, peace and mentality is something incompatible. Where mentality can appear from calm and feeded person? Warm and comfort only spoil mentality! What else? Oh, the king (tsar).

It’s better that tsar is cruel or weak and uninformed in public affairs. The best variant is cruel and uniformed. So, the chances on well-fed and spiritless life are ghostly. Russian sacred man feels bad near smart woman and it’s terrible if she also beautiful. And there is Motherland around him, which is full of enemies on the borders and stolen by officials and betrayed by different Judas. All is spiritual around! Long times ago it was very good on Motherland, but everything was over, because Bolshevists, Caucasus people, Chechen and now Ukrainians and other unspiritual beasts came.

Mentality or spirituality takes intricate forms in creatures of small-caliber. Here is the shot fresh story from that side. Our acquaintance, lived on «Mainland» Ukraine,  is telling. Her son studied at Ukrainian speaking school (how it must be in Ukraine). Female tired of paying crazy money for rent housing and she has come back to Luhansk. Son entered the second class of primary school and permanently wrote Ukrainian letter “i” except Russian “и”. Next is the quote from Luhansk “teacher”: “That’s great that you caught to come back to the second class, because child could get irreversible processes…” Moreover, mother of a child, which was started to turn from Russian into human, had no reaction and indignance. Can you imagine what processes are happening in the heads of adults? How to react on them to those who are going to come back? What about your reaction on ugly weather? You took your umbrella, put on warm clothes and scarf. We have lived our lives among them and such “teachers” taught our children and frankly saying the demanded soon replacement. Everything demanded it — schools, teachers, doctors, hospitals, Utilities, police etc. That’s why We do what we were supposed to do: exchanging all according to our possibilities.

«Don’t hate Donbas people!»

Georgiy Suschenko for


Погода в Киеве




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