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  • The heat season 2015: will the hot come to Alchevsk?

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    To stay in a fierce winter with cold batteries or to overwinter in relative comfort and hot? The preparing to heat season is a serious case and it doesn’t forgive mistakes. tried to find out how to prepare to heat season in one of the huge cities of «young, dynamicallyv developing state».

  • Don’t hate Donbas people!

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    The best description of my current treatment to my native Motherland is in the old joke about divorce proceedings. Female from not a young pair is asked if she wants to part with her husband. She answers with fists clenched and hissing: «To present this beat freedom after such a number of years of bullying? …

  • Authority of frontline centre earn on families of dead military

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    The regular exhumation of a body of a hero was held last Monday on the cemetery of Starobelsk, where earlier were buried soldiers of «Aydar» and 80th airmobile brigade. The personality of soldier was established as a result of DNA testing. Nearly 50 people, activists, journalists and simply concerned citizens came to pay tribute to …

  • Chechen scenario from the President for 1.5 million of Ukrainians

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    The “combat” prime-minister of Ukraine won’t be mentioned in this article… Policy towards internally displaced people (IDP) is something similar between Ukraine and Chechnya.

  • LPR authorities have stolen aid from Russia again: this time they stole “road” money

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    Money that Russia gives to keep Krasnodon road, “major transport route of LPR”, in good condition were for other purposes. Confidential source reported to correspondent of that stuff of municipal company “Krasnodonstroy” responsible for that part of the road don’t get salary since May. “They money for salaries, repair and maintenance of the road …

  • Local resident of Krasnodon blew up a woman he was drinking with

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    Female resident of Krasnodon got a lot of shrapnel wounds while she was drinking alcohol. The source reports that the explosion was caused by a man she lives with. They started to fight while celebrating something. A man got grenade and used it. Wounded woman died on the way to hospital. The man was taken …

  • DPR is finishing coal company

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    State company “Makeevugol” which is located on the occupied territory got on the brink of closure. According to information of confidential source they plan to keep only three coal mines, “Yasinovatskaya-glubokaya”, “Severnaya” and “Holodnaya Balka”. The rest of the coal mines they plan to close and cut into scrap metal.

  • Russian commander in LPR takes half of insurgents salaries

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    Commander of LPR insurgents who is the citizen of Russian Federation with nickname “Cap” takes half of the salary of insurgents of his unit. As the source of reports under conditions of confidentiality “Cap” works in “State service of Ministry of Internal Affairs of LPR”

  • “Veteran of Novorossiya” was disarmed in the centre of Luhansk

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    “Top brassers” of “republic” stopped the automobile, which was driven by ex-insurgent of batallion “Zarya” Ihor Burba, near square of Young Communist League in the center of the city. According to words of the source the charger to machine gun and 45 cartridges of calibre of 5,45 mm were detected and seized during inspection.

  • The grenade was found in “The Ministry of “LPR”

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    Employees of “criminal Investigation of MIA of LPR” found out and seized hand grenade with detonator and 400 cartridges of calibre 9 mm in one of cabinets of “The Ministry of Fuel, Energy and Coal-Mining of Republic”. According to the information of the source, approximated to the authority of “MIA of LPR” the cabinet belonged …