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  • The family of ATO participant is refused to be registered as IDPs

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    The family of soldier of «Aidar» Vladimir Kososlapov are refused to be registered as Internally Displaced Persons. Attorney Ihor Chudovsky reported about it to the correspondent of According to his words the spouse and three underage children (2004, 2008 and 2009 years of birth) were forced to move out from ATO zone in summer …

  • Trial of the case of Nadezhda Savchenko is happening in Rostov region

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    The substantial trial on the case of Nadezhda Savchenko is going now in Donetsk district court of Rostov region. Ilya Novikov the attorney of Nadezhda Savchenko reported about it to Tv-channel “112 Ukraine”. The building of the court, where trial is going on, is secured by police units and strengthen squads of cossacks. It was …

  • "LPR" is going to open polling stations in Russia for left citizens

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    The authority of «LPR» are going to provide to its «citizens» the opportunity to vote on the territory of Russian Federation. According to report of “MIA Istok” (Youth Inform Agency Source) one polling station is going to be opened in Russia. Government of unrecognized republic has already negotiated about opening of polling station in Rostov …

  • Russia refused to repair tanks from "LPR"

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    Representatives of Kuzminsky polygon of Armed Forces of Russia, located in Rostov region, refused to repair tanks come from «LPR». According to the report of the source, Russian technicians motivated their refuse with the fact that serial numbers were cut off from bodies of machinery, earlier sent on occupied territory of Luhansk region from Russia.

  • Opening Ukraine: Transcarpathia is Guzul side (picture story)

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    The correspondent of was in Transcarpathia and shares his impressions about this picturesque side and way of life of locals with readers of our site.

  • Fear and hatred in “Novorossiya”

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    Egyptians were building pyramids, Sumerians were constructing ziggurats, Scandinavians sacrificed the most beautiful fellow tribesmen to their gods.

  • Political scientist Daniil Chikin: till the end of 2104 I was stereotypical "vatnik"

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    Donetsk political scientist Daniil Chikin the figure that perceived ambiguously among adherents of «Russian world» and also among Ukrainian patriotic environment. First considers him «Ukr Nazi», second «vatnik» (a radical pro-Russian uneducated aggressive person), run away to Moscow… About radical Russian and radical Ukrainian separatist, about power, which must be able to hit in a …

  • We’re looking something good in the nightmare once again

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    Politician, especially Ukrainian cannot take bribes only in one case — if he wasn’t given with them. However, if we’re looking once again something good in the nightmares, so, a number of positive facts in possible imprisoning of mister Mosiychuck exists.

  • Heating season in LPR: what to expect and what to be ready for?

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    The heating season of 2015-2016 is coming. More likely it is going to be another hard experience for residents of Donbass and especially for its occupied territory. tried to analyze the level of readiness of municipal service of “Lugansk republic” for coming heating season and tried to predict what residents of occupied citied should …

  • Culture of Lugansk: yesterday, today and tomorrow

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    Once long time ago I went to a bookshop and noticed a map of cultural sightseeing of Ukraine. It was sad to see that Lugansk Region is practically empty compared to Western Regions that are full of places of interest and cultural monuments. Today we have a war and not many people remember about the …