Putin-Obama meeting. What’s going to be on September 28

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Everybody waiting for 28th. The 28th will come and Putin will say something at the General Assembly of the United Nations, he will talk to Obama and… I imagine millions of people watching TV and waiting for something. Don’t they understand everything yet?

Now everybody forgot about it, but last year the territory of Ukraine was shelled from the territory of Russia via the border with the use of “Grad” MRLS. I understood everything at that time… nobody is doing like that, if they go for the war they go for the war, but they don’t shell over the border pretending that nothing happened, that’s pretty cool. And just before that you promise that you are going to guaranty territorial integrity and sovereignty and grab part of the territory threatening you with weapon. What is not clear for you? What else do you expect from this man?

Ah, yes, accept 86% (Russians who approve Putin’s activity) they also have 14%, let’s pray for them…

Let me tell you short story. One time a neighbor from the downstairs knocked on my door and I was living on the 2nd floor and started to complain that I am flooding her.  I let the lady to see my bathroom and make sure that all pipes are dry and everything is clean. Her claim was groundless. Her reply is the perfect example for me that some people are unable to think. I will quote it for you. So get ready to learn the truth. “Anyway, it’s EASIER for me to think that you are flooding me”. The end of quote, you can applaud to a woman who thinks.

Why am I telling this? I telling this because it’s easier for us to think that there are no 14%. That’s a myth as 86%, but different people are using those myths, and they were creating those myths for one purpose. I will quote for you one of the last sane Russian, Stomakhin, and traditionally sane Russians can be in jail or in Berne or in Lausanne. But don’t delude yourself, not all of Russians who are in Berne are sane. Stomakhin is in jail and here is a quote “Russian people are not only partners in crime, but they are also ordered those crimes”.

We don’t need a wall, we need a zone of total isolation and rejection, such zone that blockade of Crimea would look like child’s game. But Ukraine is not ready for anything like that, unfortunately, but many of us, regardless the tragedy of the situation, don’t see the war with Russia as something scary. Look at liberal part of Ukraine’s population who got enraged because of that blockade! For those who haven’t realized what war is I want to tell another story that became a fable at some degree. Great Britain was fighting for colonies all around the world. It was fighting against Maori tribes on the territory of New Zealand. One time British officers were questioning captured Maori chief. Here is a part of the dialog.

British officer: “Why did you let our wagon trains go when your group spotted them?”

The captured Mori replied: “How would you be able to fight?”
Dear liberals and those who love to make money on everything, Crimea right now is a place of high concentration of enemy soldiers and the ideal enemy soldier is a soldier without ammo, hungry, without water, I mean thirsty and having lice for the same reason. Commanders of enemy soldiers in Crimea probably take care of them, so they have food and ammunition, but this is very stupid to give them you own food and water. There is another moment, we all heard that phrase that “Russian don’t leave their people”, but that’s same type of myth as 86%. During the war anybody can leave anybody, and Russians leave their own people more than anybody else. And not only during the war and not only their own people. We just need to give them a chance to leave somebody. The liberal bourgeois democracy is not ideal world order, but it continues to be most successful word order. The best out of the worst as we can say. Once it almost led the world to the nuclear war, when helped Stalin to industrialize the country after the Bolshevik coup, helping huge camp barracks to become the owner of huge industrial potential. Industrial potential created huge army that later threatened Western democracy physical elimination and almost made that real. And later that potential generated for the huge camp barracks its own nuclear weapon creating constant nuclear war threat. By the way, those who think they are totally safe now, there is bad news for you, the threat is still there. And everything started quite innocently, certain amount of American and European businessmen made good money trading with USSR ruled by Stalin. And the trade was very profitable by the way. They got good profit, paid good salary to their employers, paid taxes to the budgets of their countries and so on. And the world was on the brink of disaster. This is ungrateful job to trade with the enemy.

And by the way, the enemy was defeated not by the army, but stopping profitable trade in 70-80-ies. “Pershings” and “Tomahawks” were not needed, it was enough to stop the possibility for the enemy to make money trading oil. Don’t you see analogies here? But this time we are Afghanistan now and the conversation with “brotherly nation” is not finished yet, they are going to build military base in Belgorod, they are planning to fight against NATO. Where are they going to fight, do you have any ideas? You are still waiting for September 28 and for the speech of that man in front of the General Assembly of the United Nations?

Georgiy Sushchenko (Lugansk-Stanytsia Luhanska-Kiev) for Informator.lg.ua

Погода в Киеве




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