One more holiday finds flesh. The blood it had got earlier

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The absence of own statehood in Ukraine during for a long time has come us that we had continued to celebrate Soviet holidays by inertia. Maybe, one of the most stable from them was the 23rd of February. It could be nothing if not a young men decide to remember something at that day, because they served there, they had something in common with Soviet Army.

But when in 1991 such celebrations began to accept people who was 13 years told in that times it was looking not like a good tradition. It began to look more disgusting, when the direct legal successor had come to us with weapon.

And people, who continue to celebrate February 23 begin to look really disgusting. The only explanation of their aspiration to celebrate something that day is the such circumstance, that there are a lot of them here, in our European country. Stop, it’s not the only explanation, Ukrainian statehood didn’t offered something alternative about this. Now we have the alternative! The Day that nobody remembered (as for me, I tried a lot of times to remember when The Birthday Of Ukrainian Army was – useless). Not so long ago it was the army, that nobody needed. What to celebrate?


Our Army and its holiday lost own ephemerality after the Independence Day. We must to pay tribute to our power, that the Day of Defender of Motherland was removed on Pokrov (Orthodox great holiday)/ Now it is harder to forget when we need to congratulate our warriors. It will be hard to forget what they have done after all. “Older brother” clearly explained to us, what proverb “Who doesn’t feed own soldier, will feed alien”. By the way, I won’t be quiet again according to our “brothers”. Their ridiculous, really, in their talks about greatness of their army and nothingness of other, ours, in particular. And more I can say that Ukraine took active and important part in both World’s massacres. And it both cases it provided participants and territory for such an action. That’s why, let’s leave the legend alone  about myth and huge peacefulness of Ukrainians. The peacefulness has never was a border to go on different, stupid military adventures under the direction of Russian and then Soviet warlords. All of this had to be happened and, unfortunately, it hasn’t been lost. And now, coming through all trails around, we really don’t have a right to repeat this mistakes.


There is a big wish to avoid one more mistake, it is not to give to this new holiday an opportunity to turn into “old event”. With silly and traditionally presented socks and razor to husband on you-know-what February. It has happened that it is sad holiday for the biggest part of Ukrainian people, because we have a lot of friends and neighbors to remember and we will never see them again. I have a big wish to believe that we were inoculated from “victory diabolism” and from bellicose rumblings of firing glands.

Thank you, Ukrainian warrior, thank you very much. Sorry, that we had done not to much for you, we will change!
George Suschenko for

  • Галина Гусенцова

    Крови пролили не мало, причем большинство невинной., не зря же уже называют “ДЕНЬ БАНДЕРОВЦА”

    • Георгий Сущенко

      галя, иди нахуй

    • Alex Long

      Много младенцев распяли? А снегирей русскоязычных съели?

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