The era of indulgences

If we doubt about something we talk about it with cautious optimism, I will try to say something with timid confidence. So… I have timid confidence that trench warfare and artillery war is over. I have timid confidence that it just paused for some time. I don’t know if I was the 1st who said that or not, but there is such thing as the logic of conflict.

So investigating the logic of this conflict we can come to a conclusion that it’s not over yet. The conflict can break out any moment before one of the parties of the conflict fails or totally defeated. There is also another variant when both parties of conflict sign peace deal after they get exhausted, but such conflict is not finished. And for now it’s going to be quiet, I have no idea for how long. I know for sure that “informal conversation” with the “brotherly” nation that was delayed for several hundred years needs to be finished. Subconsciously even many of the “brothers” understand that. Surprisingly I can understand those who openly say that they hate Ukraine…. and at some point…. I wanted to say “sympathize”, but they are so unsympathetic that I can’t get a word to describe that feeling. Here this is more about determination, this enemy is obvious and he is antagonist, and I don’t feel contempt. Those who has not decided and tries to live based on a principle supporting both parties are disrespected. For example, Ukrainian authorities.

But I got distracted again. There are many sources from “that side” that report that Russian-occupation army gets withdrawn in certain direction. And what’s going to be with the place where it almost built Plenipotentiary representative of hell on earth, I mean LPR-DPR? There will be slow ukrainization, I suspect that local “princes”, “kings” and other local “elite” will return to their office in order not to make angry local electorate which is already very disappointed the “Russian world” just used them and got rid of them. But it didn’t get rid of them, it just steps back and after some time it will try to return. And local “princes” and “kings” with their electorate will be very useful again. And taking into consideration “peacefulness” of Ukrainian authorities to the enemies of Ukraine we can assume that the process of getting rid of local “kings” can stop before it even starts.

Ukrainization of the territory of Ukraine, that sounds comically, but this is how it is. Ukrainian authorities were doing everything possible and impossible in order to lose as much of its territory as possible, but even this simple task was too hard. Unfinished “novorossiya” will be returned to us. This is very clear after visiting “separatists” resources. By the way, just yesterday I realized how good the advise was that says that if you get disappointed with Ukrainian authorities go and check separatists media, “betrayal” there overcomes our “betrayal”. It was specially funny to see the speech of the head of “young republic” when he said that “nobody gives out lands to Ukrainians”. From his words it was clear that they will be given to Ukraine, he said that Ukraine should change and after that “we can join them”. This is so useful sometimes to watch nobody knows who, not clear what he is the head of, not clear why he said that and what he was talking about. I watched him 1st time and was so lucky, so much information, it reminded me my childhood in USSR when you had to read between the lines. If they tell you that the situation is under control that means “run to save your life”. If the “head” said that they are not going to give up, be sure that they already gave up.

So the era of amnesty and indulgence begins. Amnesty during the peace process is inevitable, there were a lot of former UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) soldiers in GULAG, but still some of them were amnestied in those times. Those who got amnestied were getting USSR passports, obliquely and grimly they were looking at their neighbors and relatives who were studying in Soviet schools, universities, were naming streets in honor of Esenin or even Dzerzhinskiy, but at night they continued t clean their “Schmeiser” waiting for the right time. You can do nothing about that, all wars finish with amnesty and that was invented long before us. But when the conflict is not finished this can be dangerous, but this is inevitable. It will be worse with indulgences, Ukrainian authorities is known for its peacefulness and hypertrophic tolerance, specially toward those who can pay for that. So we can expect that “kings” and their associates will be able to buy almost anything for them.

So I can say that we will have a chance to see different people in interesting roles, having interesting positions and nice offices. Our great so-called law enforcement departments were not staring criminal cases for separatism, terrorism and other things. So it’s possible to say that there is not much to “blame for” most of the leaders of “young republic” based on Ukrainian laws, just emotions and general dissatisfaction. So the business of selling indulgences will be great, as good as it was centuries ago by catholic church. At the same time only in Lugansk Region according to George Tuka there are over 60 criminal cases sent to the court against different officials who are blamed in violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. And still there is no single conviction. This is in perfect harmony with big number of criminal cases against soldiers of Ukrainian Army, volunteer battalions and so on…

And the amnesty with indulgencies will come just in time. Former Ukrainian authorities are building amazing world in Donbass. So my advice is same, if you don’t want to lose heart watch “separatist-TV”, nobody will tell you more life-asserting things than there.

Georgiy Suchchenko for

Погода в Киеве