“People’s mayor” Pilavov says that residents of Lugansk can stay without heating

Self-proclaimed head of Lugansk city administration Manolis Pilavov asked residents of Lugansk to pay for the heating service, otherwise they may stay without heating in winter. He told this while visiting boiler houses located on the South of the city as reported by “LuganskInfoCenter”.

“The payments for the heating service is only 12%. This is not enough to buy everything needed for the heating season. So current bills must be paid in time, so the heating doesn’t stop” said Pilavov.

At the same time the director of “Teplocommunenergo” Igor Mytsykov added that the company needs to buy materials using their own fund which is formed by payments of the end users.

Another problem is draining heating system which done without control by residents of building that have problems with water. Boiler houses can’t provide enough pressure when people start to drain radiators.

“If the situation continues it will be impossible to provide heating to the houses that are serviced by boiler houses located on Novopromyshennaya, Zveyneka streets and Vatutina block” said Mytsykov.

The heating season in occupied Debeltseve of Donetsk Region is also on the verge of collapse.

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