Daily digest. The event review of the situation on the occupied, frontline and peaceful areas of the East of Ukraine and also Crimea

Pictures spreaded from Donetsk outskirts, children from Stanitsa Luhanska will make Christmas candles for all Ukraine, Ukraine won’t cancel ‘black-lists’ of Russian singers, ‘LPR’ finally confirmed the arrival of UN humanitarian trucks, Savchenko & ‘Nicks’ in Minsk, new information about Efremov’s case, house arrest in exchange for work in ‘DPR’, ‘DPR top brassers’ refused entry to ‘republic’ to DW journalists, OSCE answered to fighters about the necessity of demining in Donbass.

The residents of occupied Donetsk have published new photo of city’s uptown in social media. Frames were made, including, Stratonavtov street, which is near Donetsk International Airport. Donetsk edition ‘Reporter’ has informed.

Photos show damaged after shellings cottages and residential houses. The trials from direct hits of shells is also seen in some constructions. Part of houses can’t be restored. Repair works has begun in some multistories, utility workers also have started to recover communications.

Volunteers of the public organization ‘SUVIATO’ have announced beautiful and significant action ‘Rizdvyana svichka’ (Christmas Candle), which will take place in Stanitsa Luhanska, Luhansk region. Ukrainian activist Sveta Svetikova has reported about it on her Facebook page.

She said that it’s going to be that children of Stanitsa Luhanska district will make Christmas Candles for their fellows from Western and Central Ukraine.

‘We’ll send candles to kids from Western and Central Ukraine, so they lit them for Christmas and make one for everyone wish – PEACE for our native UKRAINE!!!’, activist stressed and thanked to all indifferent for the materials to produce candles. Also, Svetikova added that organization is buying silicone forms for the future Christmas presents.

At the same time Russia continues to spread regular infofakes about Ukrainian cultural actions and Crimea. This time it’s about black-lists of Russian artists, according to which they can’t enter Ukraine.

These lists won’t be cancelled during Eurovision-2017. Deputy Prime Minister Vyacheslav Kirilenko has reported about this, Interfax-Ukraine writes.  

‘Now Russia has been starting regular hoax, not through Russian, but through disreputable European mass-media. They say that black-lists of Russian artists will be ostensibly cancelled during Eurovision time here and here will rush all Russian pops (scornful name of Russian poor quality music), which will sing and tell us that Ukraine doesn’t exist and Crimea is primordial Russia. That’s strict untruth’, he told.

According to words of vice-premier, the reason to exclude an artist from black-list is the recognition of the territorial integrity and aggression of Russian Federation from him.  

Kirilenko also noticed that spreading by Russian media information, that Eurovision-2017 will be held in Moscow is a lie.

Yesterday we wrote about 54 UN humanitarian trucks that were sent on the territory of ‘LPR’, about which separatist mass media were trying to keep silence, because they’re not from Russia. But their attempt failed. Publications about coming international humanitarian cargo have appeared on official web-resources of the organization and also in social media. So, today, on December, 13, separatists press reported that Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has sent 274 tons of humanitarian cargo for schools and kindergartens of ‘LPR’. ‘Acting Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers’ Aleksandr Drobot noticed that cargo will be spreaded in 10 schools and 11 kindergartens.

In particular, Zorinsk school will get the humanitarian aid, comprehensive school in Khryaschevatoe, schools in Frunze and Smelyansk, Novosvetlovka gymnasium, Novosvetlovka agricultural college, Pervomaisk college, also kindergartens in Novosvetlovka, Georgievka, Rodakovo, Khryaschevatoe.

Among arrived humanitarian cargo: student desks, chairs, teachers’ desks, wall boards, cabinets combined, children’s furniture, tables, chairs, beds, single-stage and two-story beds, cabinets, racks, mattresses, towels, linens, pillows, carpets for game rooms, sports soft inventory.

Nadezhda Savchenko has already told about her conversation with terrorist chieftains of ‘L/DPR’. She made the corresponding statement on December 12.

She confirms that her meet with Aleksander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnisky had happened with Russian side presence.

‘SSU works reliably. Ukrainians have nothing to to fear. I cooperate with SSU in the legal framework, as Ukrainian MP. Poroshenko is not the enemy to Ukrainians. He wants, as all of us, to take back our guys and all our political prisoners from captivity in Russia. I’m sure, that President do his best on own level. Yes, a meet in Minsk format, in tripartite, with Russian side presence, with Zakarchenko and Plotnitsky presence had taken place… I didn’t bring up to date ‘Bat’kivshyna’ (political party where Savchenko consists), because every MP, regardless of the party or what, is chosen by people’, Savchenko claimed.

She also assures, that she didn’t see ‘Nicks’ in Zacharchenko and Plotnisky. (An allusion to devil in jail slang refers not to highest evil incarnation, but to the opposite meaning of it. So, deuce in Ukrainian prison means a person, who has weak moral principles, irresponsible behavior and unkempt appearance. Savchenko used simple folk analogy, not befitting to politician, but she also could mean ‘devil’ in its direct sense. Her outgiving becomes dual).  


‘I promised to Ukrainians, that I’ll struggle, I’ll talk even with Nick. Yes, I was sitting with people, with which we shot in one another. And I didn’t see devil in them, because if I was talking with deuce, we won’t agreed with him’, Savchenko claimed.

She also assures, that her meeting with ‘L/DPR’ chieftains was effective.

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine has reported today that it finished on December 9 the pre-trial investigation in the criminal proceedings on suspicion of ex-head of the fraction ‘Party of Regions’ Aleksander Efremov.

GPU press-service reports that Efremov on the basis of the collected appropriate and admissible evidences has reasonable suspicion in:

  1. Organization of the capturing of building, which provides activity of the public authorities, Luhansk Regional State Administration for the purpose of illegal use them and obstructing the normal functioning of institutions (Part 3, Article 27, Article 341 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  2. complicity in the seizure of the building, which provides the activity of public authorities, the Office of Security Service of Ukraine in the Luhansk region for the purpose of illegal use them and obstructing the normal functioning of institutions (Part 5 of Article 27, Article 341 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  3. committing deliberate actions to change the borders and the territory of the state border of Ukraine in violation of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine, committed by a person who is a representative of the authorities, on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, which led to serious consequences (Part 3 of Art. 110 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  4. organizational and other assistance of the establishment and operation of a terrorist organization ‘Luhansk People’s Republic’ (Art. 1, Art. 258-3 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine);
  5. treason, namely the provision of a foreign entity and its members assistance in carrying out subversive activities against Ukraine (Part 1, Article 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

Now, the defense has the right to review all gathered by the prosecution pre-trial investigation materials.

In neighbor, but identical, to Efremov’s activity ‘DPR’ the staff of so-called ‘MES DPR’ are made to sign the cognizance no to leave ‘republic’s’ territory and to go to controlled by Ukrainian authority. Social media users possibly related to Donetsk report that if employee refuses to sign such a document, he is fired.

At the same time, users confirm that enough of ‘MES’ staff works with piety to new ‘power’. A lot of rescue rangers made their choice consciously and accepted the terrorist ‘policy’, staying in occupied Donetsk. But they don’t abandon pensions and other social benefits, which are paid by Ukraine.

‘DPR’ fighters refused in the entry to ‘republic’ to journalists of German Deutsche Welle. Kyiv correspondent of the edition Christan Trippe has reported about it.

He said that journalists were going to go with mission of OSCE observers under the guidance of Alexander Hug in the occupied Donetsk, which was previously agreed.  

‘They previously made written requests permission to the press-center of self-proclaimed republic. The interview with representative of separatists was agreed on Monday’s evening. In spite of it, militaries in the checkpoint refused to pass journalists, linking on the order of ‘DPR’ special services, not authorized journalist journey’, Deutsche Welle stressed and added that terrorists won’t pass journalists, when they were in checkpoint ‘Mariinka’ too.

‘Reporters were between two fronts and only after an hour they could come back in safety zone, controlled by Ukrainian army’, edition clarified.

OSCE answered on ‘LPR’ fighter’s statements, spreaded in mass-media of so-called ‘LPR’ authorized representative Vladislav Deinego during negotiations of Contact group in Minsk, about why it’s necessary to demine roads near the demarcation line and explained the position of the mission and duties of observers, approved in OSCE mandate.

In response to media reports that the OSCE SMM insists on demining of roads, not essential infrastructure:

  1. The OSCE Permanent Council has decided that the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission should report on any restrictions of its freedom of movement or other impediments to fulfilment of its mandate; and that mission members will have safe and secure access throughout Ukraine to fulfil their mandate.
  1. The Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) and other signatories of the Addendum of 29 September to the Package of Measures of 12 February 2015 decided that restriction of the OSCE SMM’s freedom of movement constitutes a violation, requiring rapid response.
  1. The TCG and other signatories of the Memorandum of 19 September 2014 decided that the laying or installation in the security zone of mines and other explosive devices be prohibited and that all already laid or installed should be removed.
  1. The TCG and other signatories of the Decision on Mine Action of 3 March 2016 decided that the Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination (JCCC) should be responsible for co-ordination of mine clearance and cessation of fire during clearance, with the support of the SMM.
  1. The TCG and other signatories of the Framework Decision of 21 September 2016 on Disengagement of Forces and Hardware decided that the forces and formations should remove explosive hazards from disengagement areas.

6. The Ukrainian and Russian officers of the JCCC play a valuable role in contributing to cessation of fire that in turn enables at least some mine clearance and repair of some vital infrastructure – on which people living and working in the security zone and much of the rest of Donetsk and Luhansk regions depend. The OSCE SMM’s daily and thematic reports , however, testify to the devastating impact of these indiscriminate weapons on civilian lives and livelihoods, including in terms of death and injury; displacement; limiting of access to vital goods and services, and safe access, delivery, storage, and distribution of humanitarian assistance to those in need.