The curfew will be toughened in occupied Luhansk

The chieftain of ‘LPR’ insurgents Igor Plotnitsky during the regular session has given an order to deal with the queues to the checkpoint in Stanitsa Luhanska and to bring order with curfew. Separatist media have reported about it.

Plotnitsky asked his deputies, what made so huge queues before the checkpoint from the side of ‘LPR’ and assured that he won’t left this question. Except this, he performed with the suggestion to increase the number of responsible for passing the people. He also asked why people move in the city at night, because queue in Stanitsa Luhanska begin to gather after the midnight.  

The chieftain of the fighters clarified that he didn’t study this matter in-and-out, but he doesn’t understand, why people in curfew can free move through the city? In connection with this he ordered to toughen control of keeping of the curfew in the ‘republic’.

Погода в Киеве