Officials of SBU confirm that lists of Savchenko have died and released people

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The SBU advisor Jury Tandit has claimed on the TV-channel ‘112 Ukraine’ that promulgated lists of Savchenko with Ukrainians who are captured or missed in Donbass and RF, pose a threat to their lives.

‘As a person, which has been releasing hostages more than 2.5 years I was upset by Nadya’s act. I phoned to her, the conversation was very emotional. She tried to convince me that publication of these lists will accelerate the process of release of hostages… We have repeatedly faced with situations, when even less lists , which were published through the open sources, become a pretext for attempts to commit crimes. After the publication scammers found out the relatives of hostages and offered their services to the release and not for free. Lists also have hostages under the control of Separate Districts of Luhansk and Donetsk Regions and there are also those people, who are in captivity of so-called warlords, and the threat to hostages life exist’, Tandit noted.

He stressed that SBU put a high hopes on Savchenko in the issue of the release of hostages. But now, according to his opinion, she could be used for different manipulations to undermine the situation from inside.

‘We’d like to ask MPs to affect  on their colleague. Savchenko has assured me, that lists were given to her by volunteers, we’re exploring the correctness of them. One list has repeated names, missed, according to our data. There are also died and even those who was released’, Tandit added.  

We would remind that Ex-military, Hero of Ukraine, MP (excluded from the faction ‘Batkivshyna’), ex-representative of Ukraine at PACE Nadezhda Savchenko, in spite of SBU request not to do this, has published lists of Ukrainian prisoners. She had included in them captives and missed on the occupied territory and in RF. Savchenko also revealed the surnames of the persons, who’re demanded to extradited by ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ fighters. MP has posted lists in her Facebook.

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