KAMAZ with ‘DPR’ militants didn’t get to advance. It exploded in Donetsk

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KAMAZ with pro-Russian ‘DPR’ fighters has exploded in occupied Donetsk. There are a lot of wounded as a result of the explosion. Twitter users are writing about it.

It was noted that occupants’ car exploded in Trudovsky neighborhood, Petrovsky district of Donetsk. The lorry is warped. There are a lot of wounded and dead.

‘Trudovsky neighborhood KAMAZ with our guys was shelled from anti-tank guided missile. Nobody said anything about victims. I’m waiting all day, but there is no connection. I didn’t serve there a year. Guys are complaining that Ukrainians have shot on them from ani-aircraft when they were on rotation. But there were no wounded’, one of the fighters has written in social media.

According to his words, Ukrainian military are ‘so close that even if vehicle moves far than autostation Trudovsky, it shoots out’. ‘One left without head, other without hand. Others were cut in a different way…’, insurgent reported about victims in such a way.

‘Would you please write more often in such a way?’

‘They’re killing each other, so, whatever, who could do this’.

‘So, the head is out, but no words about the number of victims. They were cut and after their death, but whatever’.

‘They were going to make feats of arms! They were moved by unwheel lorry…’

Such reaction people had on the post of one of the ex-insurgents.

We would remind that ‘Givi’ the militant, killed yesterday’s morning on February, 8 in occupied Donetsk was not alone in cabinet in time of explosion


Погода в Киеве




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