Luhansk fighters begin to lease seized shops of ‘ATB’ supermarket

‘LPR’ insurgents offer to ‘republic’ entrepreneurs to rent empty accommodations of ex-supermarkets ‘ATB’, which were seized from the owners and renamed in ‘Narodny’ (People’s) by fighters. In particular, separatist media reported that at the moment three markets in Luhansk and one in Anthracite are farmed out.

The areas of the facility in Olkhovsky, 9 (approximate area 950 sq. m.), Juzhny, 3 (approximate area 400 sq. m.), Zarechny, 13 (approximate area 1031 sq. m.) are farmed out. Anthracite – the facility on Kalinina st. 10-b (approximate area 726.7 sq. m.).

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