I had to spend a night in the cell. Sergei Zhadan was detained in Belarus

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Ukrainian writer, poet, musician and volunteer Sergei Zhadan was detained in Belarus. Zhadan wrote about it on his Facebook page.

‘And here is funny story, which happened with me in Minsk. Nearly 2am militia patrol has come to my hotel number – serious and concentrated. Without any explanations, they delivered me to the nick, begin to detect me on their base and found nothing. They rang to kgb. There they advised to move to another station house, Lenin’s. At Lenin’s nick they detect me on their base once again and explained that it turns that enter to RF territory is forbidden for me from 2015 (How annoying!) with the wording ‘for involvement in terrorist activities’, Zhadan writes.  

He also noted that ‘because Belarus and Kazakhstan are in one visa zone with RF (bad luck), the ban automatically removes to Belarus and Kazakhstan’. ‘And if I live through the inability to get to Kazakhstan, but it’s offensively for Belarus’, he emphasized.

Zhadan wrote that he was forced to spend a night in the cell and ‘to write long time explanatory and he was asked about terrorism and ‘finally they put a stamp for ban to enter Belarus for undefined period’.

‘So, what I think. Dear friends from MFA and Ukraine embassy in Belarus, it’s not right that Ukrainian poets are detained without explanations and held in the cell without any reasons, isn’t it? Maybe you can react on it? Let’s, for example, tear off diplomatic relations with them. Or declare them Crusade. Please’, Zhadan resumed.

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