Wounded in Avdiivka British photographer is recovering. Photo of Christopher are published

British journalist and photographer Christopher Nunn, who was wounded in frontline Avdiivka in time of fighters’ shelling, showed his first picture after the operation on his eyes. It was made by the doctors of the hospital named by Mechnikov in Dnipro. Journalist posted his photo on Facebook.

‘Doctors managed to save my left eye which was severely damaged by fragment’s including a larger piece of PVC from the blown out window that flew into my eye and damaged everything it touched. The operation to remove these pieces and rebuild my eye was successful and healing is going well’, Nunn wrote.


Later wounded in Avdiivka British photographer told the details of happened. According to his words, the rocket flew directly in kitchen window. In its turn, the Ministry of Defense assured that treatment is continuing and right eye of Christopher can see on 90%, left begin to react on a light.

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