The base of ‘Shakhtar’ kickers was occupied by ‘DPR’ fighters? FC refuted capture

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The leadership of Football club ‘Shakhtar’ Donetsk confirmed the information about closing of their sport base ‘Kirsha’ in Donetsk. But, at the same time, FC representatives have refuted the message that base was occupied by ‘DPR’ fighters. ‘Shakhtar’ CEO Sergei Palkin has claimed about it in the interview to ‘Sector.Depo’.

‘I read this information. It’s like a rave. ‘Kirsha’ was closed from the times when ‘Shakhtar’ removed to Kyiv. But our security, other staff works there and keep it in order. There were no mass dismissals’, he said and added that there are no any insurgents at the base.

In its turn, ‘Ukrainskaya pravda’ (Ukrainian Truth) edition has reported on February 15 that sport-training base (STB) ‘Kirsha’ was kept in normal conditions as for January 2017 and could accept the team in any moment. But all base personnel was fired from January 2017. Trainers got an explanation that ‘Shakhtar’ team won’t come back in a closer 5 years. That’s why it’s more simple to recover this base after some time, neither to keep it in operative condition.

It’s known that all valuable equipment was removed to ‘Donbass-Arena’.

We add that base was completely mothballed. The source confirms that after valuable things transporting from STB ‘Kirsha’, one of base accommodations was occupied by ‘DPR’ militants.

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