‘Collaboration of LPR’ with EU? The European Parliament deputy visited Luhansk parade on May 1 – updated

Temporary Non Government Controlled Areas of Luhansk and Donetsk regions last three years are in sight of journalists, public activists and international media. Ukrainian legislation unequivocally expresses the position of our country according to visits of foreign citizens of NGCA. The border can be crossed only through the official checkpoints.

Otherwise, there are enough of examples of foreigners to NGCA and occupied Crimea. So, on May 1 the member of the European Parliament from Italy Eleonora Forenza impressed by her visiting of Luhansk.

‘Nearly 40 thousands of citizens’ took part in the ‘May 1 march’ in Luhansk. According to words of the chieftain of ‘LPR’ Igor Plotnitsky representatives of 20 country also took part in this event. Eleonora Forenza also joined it.


The page of the member of European Parliament on its official website.

The information about this visit of EU parliament member is opened.

We note that Eleonora Forenza doesn’t see a need to hide the fact of her NGCA visiting. Moreover, she announced the voyage to NGCA in her blog. It was declared on April 28. According to EU parliament member, Ukraine is ostensibly the field for ‘Neo-fascist organizations, in the heart of Europe, with the connivance of the West’.


Also, the deputy complaint that ‘European institutions continue to support the government in the extreme right of Kyiv’. Except that, Eleonora Forenza argues about ‘the violation of human rights’ on free Ukrainian territory and calls ‘republic representatives’ to fight for their rights.

EU parliament member walks in the ranks of the so-called ’nti-fascists’ at the ‘parade’ in Lugansk, her name sounds when the MEP is represented by the organizers of the ‘event’. This facts are free to watch on YouTube.


Otherwise, representatives of Luhansk power are very proud of visit of MEP. Igor Plotnitsky has claimed that they are welcome EU collaboration, in spite of its unofficial feature.

Also he promised that so-called ‘LPR’ will become for EU representatives not only a reliable, but pleasant, convenient partner, ‘because we don’t need neither Western credits, nor visa-free regime or any other help’. The statement of gang chairman is cited by separatist resources.


Plotnitsky claimed about the arrival on uncontrolled part of Luhansk region territory of a number of other ‘foreign guests’, who came without sanction fear. Eleonora Forenza has posted on the Facebook page, made on May 1 near Lenin monument in Luhansk.


We note that Italy not a first time appears in the messages of controlled to fighters internet-editions. So, on December last year it was widely announced (as in separatist and in Russian mass media) the opening in Italian Turin the ‘diplomatic office of DPR’. The interests of ‘republic’ and Donbass events were going to be presented there.

Later it has become known that Turin’s ‘office’ was opened in the basement room by well-known Putin’s friends – representatives from ultra radical right forces ‘Forward, Italy’, ‘League of the North’ and ‘Brothers of Italy’, as well as the communities ‘Lombardy-Russia’ and ‘Veneto-Russia’.

After that the ambassador of Ukraine in Italy Eugeniy Perelygin has reported that there is no any center in Italy: ‘For today there wasn’t registered any ‘DPR office’ or other fake republic on the territory of Italy’.

Human rights activists are trying to influent on the situation. So, Charity fund ‘Vostok-SOS’ representatives ask MFA and SBU to take appropriate measures to ensure that foreign citizens are declared non-grata persons on the territory of Ukraine and to transmit information about their participation in unlawful acts both on the territory of Ukraine and abroad to the relevant government agencies in Italy


Vostok-SOS representatives this time are preparing official recourse too. Otherwise, human rights activists are going to apply in diplomatic office of Italy to get a legal assessment of the actions of the European Parliament, who visited Lugansk on May 1.  
Marina Kuraptseva for Informator.media

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