Groysman: the President has signed a pension reform

The Prime-Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman reported that the head of a state Peter Poroshenko signed a law ‘On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Increasing Pensions’, according to which the pension reform is introduced.

Groysman added: ‘The President the draft laws on pension reform. As I promised all pensioners will get new increased pensions already in October! Thanks to everyone for support!’.


Poroshenko from his side claimed: ‘I want to congratulate all pensioners, because the justice is restored. I want to congratulate all Ukrainians, because we will be all pensioners after some time. There was always a situation when payments for pensions had been increased. We’re doing this now.

Modernization of pensions is laid as an efficient mechanism on an ongoing basis. It’s very important that the justice has been established by this pension reform. This Ukraine waited 26 years, and we did it!’.

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