‘Don’t offer separatism!’: activists protested against SBU actions according to ‘Avtonomny opir’

On October 15, activists held two actions to protect Lviv movement ‘Avtonomny opir’. During first action activists hung a cardboard model of Makarov’s pistol. It was a reaction to the actions of the top brass, who during one of the searches planted a pistol to activists of the ‘Avtonomny opir’.

Also activists hung out on one of unfinished houses the banner with inscription ‘Don’t offer separatism!’.

‘The agenda, which is now being formed by the top brass, using the dichotomy ‘Separatists – not Separatists’ to inconvenient activists for them, is unacceptable for us. All detentions and searches are held for budget funds. If there is nowhere for state to spend our money, we can offer series of cultural and enlighten programs to upgrade the level of mindfulness of top brass, and, maybe, once excepr the Makarych pistols they will plant to activists bouquets of camomiles’, rally participants and art contactor ‘_’ participants say.


We would remind that on October 12, the staff of the Security Service of Ukraine has made 9 searches of activists of the organization ‘Avtonomny opir’ (Autonomous resistance) in Lviv. After the searches 15 members of movement were actually detained, but at night they all were released.

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