Donbass miners stopped to strike

Anatoly Korzun, Deputy Minister of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, said yesterday during the ‘Hour of the Government’ in Verkhovna Rada that the repayment of arrears for miners of state mines is expected to be completed till the end of this month.

At the moment wage debt for pitmen of the state enterprise exceeds ₴500 mln. (~$18.71 mln.) A number of Donbass and Volyn mines had already made protest actions. For example, representatives of SE ‘Myrnohradugol’ (ex-’Krasnoarmeislugol’) in Myrnohrad (ex-Dimitrov) striked.

And last week dozens of pitmen of ‘1/3 Novogrodovskaya’ mine of ES ‘Selidovugol’ refused to lift on the surface due to non-payment of wages to them. But, receiving a promise, that debt will be paid off till October 24, miners stopped the the strike. True, they’re ready to renew it if they don’t wait for their hard earned money.

This information was confirmed by the chairman of the Independent trade union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets in his Facebook post.

We would remind that Krasnoarmeisk local prosecutor’s office included the information in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations on the grounds of a criminal offense under Part 1 of Article 175 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, on the fact of non-payment of wages to miners

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