How Krymske survives without gas: video

Inhabitants of the front line Krymske in Novoaidar district of Luhansk region were left without gas from June 2017 and heated by furnace heating. Damaged by shellings gas pipeline can’t be repaired because of closer hostilities.

It’s noted in ‘UATV’ video that only one school works in the village. Earlier nearly 300 children studied in it, now – 44. On January 2015 the building of the educational institution had got under a hard shelling. According to words of the headmaster of school Iryna Bugera, the facility opened only on April 1, after area around was demined.

International charities helped to restore school, but educational facility is still without a heating. Gas boiler room is stopped, because it’s impossible to supply fuel because of damaged pipeline. New one is building now except this. It will work on wood and briquettes.

School headmaster confirms that new boiler room will solve a lot of problems of inhabitants of front line village. ‘International Committee of the Red Cross has already allocated 20 cubic meters of firewood to the school’, Iryna Bugera notes.

Firewood is also distributed to residents of the village for heating.

Regional authorities promise to renew gas supply from the next month.

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