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    Michael Koptev as the voice of torn for pieces Donbass or who loves each other more?

    Nov 4, 15 • BLOGSNo Comments

    The celebrity, which had already been recognized before the war as one of the main freaks of Luhansk, scandalous fashion and organizator of the sensational “shows of the extreme fashion” of the theatre “Orchid”, Michael Koptev visited Ukrainian capital on October 28.

  • zaslavskaya

    How Russian soul goes away

    Oct 20, 15 • BLOGSNo Comments

    So, my dear compatriots, we had flashed once again. This time it happened in the sphere of culture, in poetry. I congratulated Elena-poet Zaslavskaya with getting the premium, connected with S. Esenin. I won’t make up my mind to quote rude, as fallen pole, the style of poet. It’s because here is the high-level cultured, …

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    The era of indulgences

    Oct 16, 15 • BLOGS, HOT NEWS, War On DonbassNo Comments

    If we doubt about something we talk about it with cautious optimism, I will try to say something with timid confidence. So… I have timid confidence that trench warfare and artillery war is over. I have timid confidence that it just paused for some time. I don’t know if I was the 1st who said …

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    One more holiday finds flesh. The blood it had got earlier

    Oct 14, 15 • BLOGS, HOT NEWS3 Comments

    The absence of own statehood in Ukraine during for a long time has come us that we had continued to celebrate Soviet holidays by inertia. Maybe, one of the most stable from them was the 23rd of February. It could be nothing if not a young men decide to remember something at that day, because …

  • vse-na-vybory-plakat

    For Dumchivo: about elections in Kyiv, IDPs and wild hippopotamuses

    Oct 13, 15 • ARTICLES, BLOGSNo Comments

    Local elections are gaining momentum in Kyiv. We are, IDPs, don’t take part in this performance. The absence of voting right was logical enough if 1,5 million of people could back home. But a lot of migrants can’t do this. 1,5 million is the serious number, even for such a big country like ours.

  • CrFX0Y1LxA0

    Sex in “LPR”: sweet, passionate and dangerous

    Oct 7, 15 • BLOGS, HOT NEWSNo Comments

    War is war, but sex must be on schedule. Wars and conflicts are not able to drown out the basic instinct of inhabitants of “LPR” and to stop to get the desired pleasure. has made the research, where we had known what sweet fantasies and realities have people of “Luhansk People’s Republic” and what …

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    Putin-Obama meeting. What’s going to be on September 28

    Sep 30, 15 • BLOGS, War On DonbassNo Comments

    Everybody waiting for 28th. The 28th will come and Putin will say something at the General Assembly of the United Nations, he will talk to Obama and… I imagine millions of people watching TV and waiting for something. Don’t they understand everything yet?

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    Volunteer’s Diary: #ThisIsArmy

    Sep 29, 15 • BLOGS, War On DonbassNo Comments

    «Stupidity in the army is amazing… I can be a jerk sometimes, but even I was amazed» says the reporter of Anton Goloborodko talking about everyday life of a volunteers in the army…