• гумконвой

    A regular ‘humanitarian convoy’, from Russia will come to Donbass the Independence Day of Ukraine

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    Russian MES in Rostov region forms 68th so-called ‘humanitarian convoy’, which must come to Donbass on August 24, in the Independence Day of Ukraine. ‘Interfax’ reports. ‘Trucks with humanitarian cargo have arrived to Don Rescue Center of the Ministry of the Emergency Service of Russia from Nogino Rescue center. There the forming of a regular …

  • Суд_5

    The court refused to arrest Siemens turbines that turned out to be fraudulent in Crimea

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    The Moscow Arbitration Court refused to impose an arrest on the turbines produced by German Siemens firms, which, bypassing the sanctions, were transported to the Crimea occupied by Russia. Consideration of the claim of Siemens against the structures of the corporation ‘Rostekh’, which, according to the plaintiff, moved the turbines to the peninsula, is scheduled …

  • Гроза_1

    Media: lightning killed an advisor of the Russian minister

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    An advisor of the Minister of health of Russia Igor Lanskoy died in occupied by RF Crimea on the 42nd year of life. The press-service of facility reports about it. Russian media referring on the contacts of an advisor reported that he was having his vacation in Yalta got into the bad weather and died …

  • 50101

    Russian Life TV channel stopped its broadcasting

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    Last day of Russian ‘LifeNews’ fell on August 18. It stopped its broadcasting. TASS has reported about it. Other holding’s projects are being kept, told the closed source. According to its words, 90 people will be reduced. And 90 will stay to work with streaming broadcasting. As it was told earlier, Life TV-channel (earlier LifeNews) …

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    Red Cross directed 40 tons of humanitarian aid to residents of NGCA of Donetsk region

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    Two trucks of the International Committee of Red Cross has followed to Non-Government Controlled Areas through ‘Novotroitskoe’ checkpoint. The State Border Guard website reports about it. According to the information of facility, vehicles were transferring  Construction Materials of 40 tons total wage to locals of Donetsk region. We would remind that on March 1, 12 trucks …

  • марки

    ‘DPR’ stamps were found in ‘Mariupol-Minsk’ bus

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    Chernigov State Border squad together with fiscal service has found out stamps with the image of ‘DPR’ gang symbolism in the international road checkpoint ‘Novye Yarylovychi’. State Border Guard service reports about it. Marks were found in time of inspection of things of 57-year-old citizen of Ukraine, who followed by the route ‘Mariupol-Minsk’. From 500 …

  • 11-1

    Moscow Stock Exchange stops trading Ukrainian hryvnia

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    Moscow Stock Exchange will stop to trade a pair hryvnia – ruble from Monday, August 21. The press-center of facility reports. ‘From August 21 Moscow Stock Exchange stops trading a pair UAH – RUR’, tells the message. Also the press-service has reported that interruption of trading is connected with absence of participants’ interest to operations …

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    ATO HQ published snapshots of shelling circumstances of Zaitsevo village in NGCA. See photo

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    The press-service of ATO headquarter has published in the Facebook snapshots of destroyed houses in Zaitsevo village. According to HQ information, shelling positions of ATO forces near Zaitsevo settlement, the cottage outskirt was under fire of fighters. Pro-Russian mercenaries covered with fire frontline village from anti-tank grenade launchers, high-calibre machine guns and light arms. Three …

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    Alchevsk residents demand from Plotnitsky to come back daily water supply

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    The residents of controlled by ‘LPR’ Alchevsk decided to write a petition to ‘LPR’ head Plotnitsky, because they tired of daily lack of water. ‘During two years Alchevsk gets water only by schedule. (Day after two, in some parts of the city – a day after three). During these two years Alchevsk residents have been …

  • Прокуратура_1

    Organizer of illegal transfer of sailors to Crimea will go on trial

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    Thanking to cooperation of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Autonomic Republic of Crimea with the main administration of the National Police in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the Odessa Frontier Detachment of the Southern Regional Department of the State Border Service of Ukraine it became possible to gather enough evidence to bring to criminal …