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  • хакер_1

    Virus hit on the IDP bases

    Jul 6, 17 • 299 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The Public Organization ‘Donbas SOS’ reports that during last few days plenty of calls from persons who are already a week can not get help internally displaced persons (IDPs) to their ‘hot line’. Labor administrations and social protection of the population (LASPP)) staff tells people that their bases don’t work.

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    First Aid doesn’t work in Donetsk

    Oct 24, 15 • 304 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Medics don’t have an opportunity to go on urgent calls. There is not enough of staff and sorely lacking of medicine and cars. “City budget” doesn’t even have the paragraph about wastes on the gasoline for “Ambulance cars”.

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    New waiting hall with blue-yellow chairs opened in Luhansk bus station

    Oct 24, 15 • 525 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    New waiting hall appeared in Luhansk bus station. The source among the locals has reported about it to the correspondent of According to its words waiting hall has blue-yellow chairs.

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    Donetsk insurgents are expelling from “DPR” the organization “Médecins Sans Frontières”

    Oct 24, 15 • 268 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The authority of so-called “DPR” forces the representatives of the international organization “Médecins Sans Frontières” (MSF) to leave the area of “people’s republic”. The director of Czech office of the organization Paul Hruber claimed about it in interview to “Radio Prague”.

  • Computer crime concept

    The putsch in “LPR”: opponents “hack” sites of each other – the source

    Oct 23, 15 • 324 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The site of official editions of the leader “LPR” newspaper “XXI century” and internet-edition “LuhanskInformCenter” were hacked by representatives of the “Ministry of Security Service of Republic” (MSS). According to the information of the closed source, it is not a first case, when hackers from “MSS” attack official sites of “LPR”.

  • 20150527110452

    “Regional”-separatist from Luhansk region will be judged

    Oct 21, 15 • 300 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    Ex-head of Stanitsa Luhanska district council Vladimir Belous, blaming in threatening to the territorial integrity of Ukraine, will stand trial in a closer time. According to the information of the press-service of Luhansk regional Prosecutor, the investigation revealed that Belous, acting on a prior agreement with the unidentified persons on April-May 2014, organized holding of …

  • боевики

    Insurgents of “LPR” are holding military exercises in Luhansk

    Oct 20, 15 • 576 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The sounds of explosions and shots, which are heard by Luhansk dwellers, sounded from training shooting ranges of fighters. Closed source, approximated to “militia” reported about in to Locals noticed in social media that shots are heard in different parts of the city, as on South blocks and on Eastern too.

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    The headless corpse was found on the railway station of Slavyansk

    Oct 19, 15 • 891 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The staff of railway road has found out the headless corpse of a man on rails of load park of Locomotive depot. The body laid from one side of rails, the head from another. Law enforcements are establishing the identity of the dead.

  • GGiAywDfMO0

    The rotation of Russian “tractor-drivers” postponed – the source

    Oct 16, 15 • 1621 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Militaries from Russia, located on the territory of “people’s republics” have the problems of rotation. According to the report of the closed source, approximated to “top brassers” of “LPR” to the correspondent it connects with harshly decreasing of number of sending militaries on Donbass from Russia. “Those, who are now in “republics” can’t move …

  • pereselentsyi1

    “Migrants” in “LPR” are afraid to come back on the liberate

    Oct 14, 15 • 926 Просмотров • NEWS1 Comment

    “Internally Displaced” citizens, moved on controlled by insurgents territory from liberated towns are afraid to come back home. The representatives of The Special Monitoring Mission of OSCE report that a part of interviewed migrants from Schastie and Artemovsk, living in the “center for displaced persons” in occupied Molohvardeisk (Luhansk region) are worried with acceptance of …