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  • Золотое_1

    Ukrainian JCCC side: ‘NGCA authorities’ of Luhansk region block an opening of the checkpoint ‘Zolote’

    Oct 23, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    ‘LPR’ fighters are continuing to block a work of the checkpoint ‘Zolote’ in Luhansk region. It complicates the humanitarian situation in Donbass. Ukrainian side of the Joint Center for Coordination and Ceasefire (JCCC) reports about it on the page of ATO HQ in Facebook. From the moment of an opening of ‘Zolote’ checkpoint fighters block …

  • 654

    People prayed for warm heat batteries in ‘LPR’

    Oct 23, 17 • NEWSNo Comments

    A city-wide Te Deum, dedicated to the beginning of the heating season took place in Alchevsk, controlled by pro-Russian ‘LPR’ gang fighters. Utility people, budget organizations representatives and ‘power’ of the city, including ‘mayor’ Natalia Pyatkova were presented at the event. A public prayer was served by the dean of the Alchevsk District Father Aleksander …

  • Заур Исмаилов

    ‘LPR’ has lost a ’public prosecutor’

    Oct 23, 17 • NEWSNo Comments

    So-called ‘general prosecutor’ of the pro-Russian grouping ‘LPR’ Zaur Ismailov resigned at his own request. ‘I see myself, frankly saying, in a science activity’, Ismailov explained his decision. The information agencies, which are under control of ‘LPR authorities’, Vitaly Podborny, earlier had a post of the ‘first deputy minister of internal affairs, will conduct the …

  • dsc_0180

    Photos of occupied Luhansk appeared in the web

    Oct 17, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Residents of occupied Luhansk have published new pictures of temporary occupied by Russian Federation Luhansk in the social media. DonPress has reported about it. Photos were made on October 14, this year. ‘Locals note that in spite of the continuing of warfare for four years, the purity is supported on the streets and some part …

  • Без названия

    There are power supply conks and no water in Alchevsk

    Oct 5, 17 • NEWSNo Comments

    Interruptions with electricity and absence of water are fixed in Alchevsk. The city is located in NGCA of Luhansk region. Locals tell that last two days the voltage in the network drops to 160-170 volts, which leads to the disconnection of household appliances. Short-term power outages in the city are also fixed. A part of …

  • crop

    To brew beer or dig in the dump: the list of vacancies was promulgated in Alchevsk

    Sep 16, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    ‘Social Insurance Fund in case of unemployment’ (Employment Center by ‘LPR’ version’) has promulgated in Alchevsk the list of fresh vacancies for people. There is a lack of teachers in the city. For example, the wage of teacher of English, which is needed to school named by Khrystyna Alchevska, is promised to be 1396 RUR …

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    ‘LPR authorities’ are going to seize thousands of apartments from the owners (video)

    Sep 14, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    ‘Authorities’ of ‘LPR’ decided to seize empty flats in NGCA from owners and ‘to transfer them to others’. Denis Kazansky tells about it in his video. ‘Finally insurgents could get to the smallest assets – apartments of ordinary citizens. If in preliminary years they seized generally different business from mines to stalls in the markets, …

  • Флаг_Стах

    The master of Sport came to get award with Ukrainian flag and broke a charter from ‘LPR’ in Kadievka

    Sep 14, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The polyatlon master of Sport Victor Stepanenko threw the Ukrainian flag over his shoulders and broke a charter, given him by representatives of pro-Russian gang ‘LPR’. An incident happened at the moment of an award ceremony on the competitions in Stakhanov (named Kadievka after decommunization). Anton Ptitsyn has told about it in his Facebook. ‘Now …

  • w620h420wm

    ‘LPR’ invented new ‘minister’

    Sep 12, 17 • NEWSNo Comments

    ‘LPR’ chieftain Igor Plotnitsky appointed Vladislav Deinego acting as ‘the minister of foreign affairs of Luhansk People’s Republic’ by owns ‘decree’. Pro-Russian media reported about it. It’s told in ‘decree’ that Deinego Vladislav Nickolaevich is appointed from 09.12.2017 acting as ‘the minister of foreign affairs of Luhansk People’s Republic’. It’s noted that on September 11 …

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    Alchevsk residents demand from Plotnitsky to come back daily water supply

    Aug 17, 17 • NEWSNo Comments

    The residents of controlled by ‘LPR’ Alchevsk decided to write a petition to ‘LPR’ head Plotnitsky, because they tired of daily lack of water. ‘During two years Alchevsk gets water only by schedule. (Day after two, in some parts of the city – a day after three). During these two years Alchevsk residents have been …