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  • botulizm_infekciya_otravlenie

    Botulism dangerous: what’s happening in Luhansk region

    Jun 17, 17 • 157 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    There is a flash of botulism in Ukraine, more than 70 cases of illness are fixed, 9 of them were fatal. The cause of the trouble is the dried fish, where the infection was formed. The first patients with botulism were found in Kiev, then in Kherson, Vinnitsa, Sumy, Lviv and Zaporozhye regions. So, what …

  • Луганская область

    Foreigners could begin to teach in Luhansk region universities

    May 24, 17 • 227 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The authorities of controlled to Government Luhansk region are considering the possibility of attracting foreign teachers to local universities. ‘Ukrinform’ reported that the chairman of the Lugansk regional state administration – head of the regional military-civil administration Jury Garbuz told about it in time of the international conference ‘Reintegration of Donbass in the conditions of …

  • Жилье

    The plan of reconstruction and building of the IDP-housing was developed in Luhansk region

    Feb 21, 17 • 270 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The plan of reconstruction and building of the IDP-housing was developed in the ranks of Regional target program of IDP-support in Luhansk region in 2017-2018. It was activated by an order of the chairman of Luhansk Regional State Administration Jury Harbuz.

  • Чернухино_1

    33 Chernukhino inhabitants have died during warfare in Donbass

    Feb 20, 17 • 215 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    On February 19, the opening of the memorial sign has taken place in Chernukhino, that is on the occupied part of Luhansk region. The monument dedicated to died in time of hostility in 2014 – 2015.

  • unnamed (4)

    You can not skip. Illegal transportation through Zolotoe was set in ‘LPR’

    Feb 2, 17 • 634 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Carriers offer to residents of controlled by ‘LPR’ fighters settlements illegal transportation service on free territory of Ukraine from occupied zone. The adverts, mass placed in ‘LPR’, say that carriers offer to inhabitants of uncontrolled territories to go Lisichansk and Severodonetsk through Zolotoe, where checkpoint still doesn’t work. It’s remarkable that except long queues to …

  • Суд

    Plotnitsky case was directed into court

    Jan 31, 17 • 323 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The criminal proceeding, regarding to ‘LPR’ chieftain Igor Plotnitsky and two commanders of the illegal armed formations (Patrushev and Gureev) in the case of downed plane IL-76 was directed into court. Their actions were qualified as terrorist act (p. 3, art. 258 CC of Ukraine).

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    International connection tricksters were detected in Starobelsk

    Jan 30, 17 • 234 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    SBU staff together with prosecutor’s office stopped the illegal group which was engaged in forging illegal channel of international communication. The press-service of the Department has reported that malefactors were hacking telecommunication networks of domestic mobile operators using the GSM-gateways and IP-telephony.

  • 1000 (8)

    Employment isn’t guaranteed to ‘LPR’ youth

    Jan 26, 17 • 398 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    So-called ‘administration’ of occupied by ‘LPR’ Perevalsk region has held a ‘round table’ on the topic ‘The problems of employment of the youth’. The ‘sector on domestic policy’ has claimed about it.  

  • sign

    ‘LPR’ keeps count of religious organizations

    Jan 20, 17 • 265 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    So-called ‘Ministry of culture, sport and youth’ of ‘LPR’ applied to the headmasters of religious organizations to confirm the ‘information about the legal entity’. Separatist internet editions write.

  • 1390384549

    Cruel double murder in Luhansk: man is dead, woman is at hospital

    Jan 20, 17 • 1079 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The cruel murder has happened in occupied Luhansk on January 18. Unknown has shot twice in the breast of a man, also his concubine was wounded in Solnechny block of the city. She was delivered to the hospital with gunshot wounds to the abdomen and chest. The editorial source of Tribun reports about it.