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    Plotnitsky case was directed into court

    Jan 31, 17 • 255 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The criminal proceeding, regarding to ‘LPR’ chieftain Igor Plotnitsky and two commanders of the illegal armed formations (Patrushev and Gureev) in the case of downed plane IL-76 was directed into court. Their actions were qualified as terrorist act (p. 3, art. 258 CC of Ukraine).


    Next after Bolotov. Who will be sent (poisoned?) after him?

    Jan 28, 17 • 558 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    After news about death of the first chieftain of self-proclaimed ‘LPR’ 46-year old Valery Bolotov on January 27 a lot of representatives from different sides have claimed that he was liquidated. Official version tells that he ostensibly dead from heart attack. Moreover there were enough of occasions. Now social media and not only them are …

  • bolo_vs

    Bolotov is dead

    Jan 28, 17 • 965 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The first chieftain of self-proclaimed ‘LPR’ Valery Bolotov is dead. One of the ‘DPR’ ex-ringleaders, Russian political consultant Aleksander Borodai has claimed to RBC about the death of terrorist. Such information was confirmed by the source, close to Bolotov.

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    Zakharchenko and Plotnitsky visited occupied Crimea

    Jan 17, 17 • 283 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    Chieftains of ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ gangs Aleksander Zakharchenko and Igor Plotnitsky have arrived to annexed Crimea. RIA News reports that MP of Russian Duma, the deputy of the head of ‘Russian community of Crimea’ Andrei Kozenko told about it.

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    ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’ chieftains will no longer meet with Savchenko. Pro tempore

    Jan 11, 17 • 536 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    New meetings of the ‘DPR’ (Aleksander Zakharchenko) and ‘LPR’ (Igor Plotnitsky) chieftains with MP of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko according to cartel are not going to be in a closer time.

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    ‘LPR’ pensioners got promise about pension increasing

    Dec 30, 16 • 2239 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    The increase to pension is promised to ‘LPR’ pensioners, beginning from January 1, 2017 pension payments will be recalculated upwards of 5%. So-called ‘Pension fund’ of pseudo-republic has reported about it.

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    Plotnitsky is ready to squander half a million on a skatepark

    Dec 29, 16 • 161 Просмотров • NEWSNo Comments

    The chieftain of self-proclaimed ‘LPR’ Igor Plotnitsky promised on the meeting with activists of the ‘Association of youth of Luhansk region’ (young propagandists, building ‘young republic’) to allocate funds to build first professional skatepark in Luhansk.

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    ‘LPR’ fighters chieftain threatens to expose the ‘claim’ to Ukraine for the damage to ‘republic’

    Dec 23, 16 • 248 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    ‘LPR’ fighters chieftain Igor Plotnisky promised to expose the ‘claim’ to the President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko for the damages to ‘republic’. He claimed about it into his appeal to fellow citizens of ‘LPR’. Social media report.

  • The Constitution of “LPR”: happiness receipt of fiction?

    Feb 18, 16 • 583 Просмотров • ARTICLES, HOT NEWSNo Comments

    Inexplicable but the fact: the malignant neoplasm under the name “Luhansk People’s Republic” accepted and started “temporary main law”, i.e “Constitution”. None other than ‘divine’ Igor Plotnitsky himself is the ‘guarantor’ of fulfillment of all that is promised there. Already funny? It could be if it wasn’t so sad. At this material we will descry …

  • 160127_PZ_new

    Plotnitsky imposed censorship on the questions of journalists

    Feb 13, 16 • 405 Просмотров • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The head of “LPR” Igor Plotnitsky forbid to journalists to ask officials about strategy important branches. Questions and comments about supply of lubricants, natural gas, production and sale of coal, the development of foreign economic relations got under ban.