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  • Саак

    Saakashvili is trying to return Ukrainian citizenship

    Oct 30, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Ex-president of Georgia, the leader of political party ‘Rukh Novykh Syl’ (The Movement of New Forces) Mikheil Saakashvili appealed the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on depriving him of his Ukrainian citizenship. He told about it at the rally on October 29, ‘Ukrainian news’ report. ‘I appealed the decree on depriving ma …

  • Oligarh_ukr

    Poroshenko became a billionaire or how Ukrainian oligarchs grew rich for the year

    Oct 27, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Donetsk businessman Rinat Akhmetov once again headed the list of the most rich Ukrainians and Peter Poroshenko has regained the title of billionaire. The total fortune of all participants of the rating is $ 26.7 billion, which is 33% more than in 2016. The rating ‘TOP-100 of the most rich Ukrainians’, made by ‘Novoe Vremya’ …

  • The Education and Science Ministry of Ukraine

    New ‘Education Act’ in Ukraine: individual approach is promised to minorities

    Oct 24, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    New ‘Educational Act’, considered by Verkhovna Rada and signed by the President of Ukraine provides individual approach to every national minority. This way will depend on peculiarities of the minority and its pedagogical needs. The Minister of education and science Liliya Grinevich has reported about it. According to the head of main educational facility law …

  • КиевПротест_1

    It became clear how long the action under Ukrainian parliament will be

    Oct 24, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Ex-Deputy General Prosecutor of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze, the member of the political council of ‘Rukh novykh syl’ (The Movement of New Forces) has claimed that made by RNS action near Verkhovna Rada will continue and extend. ‘People don’t want to go away, that’s it was decided to continue rally, – Sakvarelidze claimed to ‘GORDON’ edition. …

  • 318663

    Protesters under Verkhovna Rada divided on military and civil camps

    Oct 23, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Participants of an action ‘For big political reform’ decided to make two tent camps near the building of Verkhovna Rada. ‘Interfax-Ukraine’ has reported about it. ‘Military men make a military camp: closed, with a discipline and security, located in such a place, where there is no good corner for sniper scope. Here is the territory …

  • Порошенко-ООН

    Protest action in Kyiv: Saakashvili in tent camp and Poroshenko’s explanation

    Oct 21, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    A politician Mikheil Saakashvili arrived to tent camp on Grushevskogo street in Kyiv, where the protest action takes place, in the evening of October 18. ‘Interfax-Ukraine’ reported about it. It’s noted that a few dozen of supporters were accompanying Saakashvili. The situation left calm, politician communicated with protesters, moving from tent to tent. Otherwise, the …

  • 318493

    Poroshenko submitted to the parliament a bill on the removal of parliamentary immunity

    Oct 17, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The President Peter Poroshenko offers to change Constitution according to parliamentary immunity of MPs. The mass media reported about it. The draft law on the introduction of amendments to Article 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine under the number 7203 was registered by him in the Verkhovna Rada on October 17. There are still no …

  • maxresdefault

    Additions and amendments will be made to the law on the reintegration of Donbass

    Oct 11, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    Amendments, in particular, according to deoccupation of Crimea, will be made in the draft law on the reintegration of Donbass. Such statement was made by the representative of President in Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko in the broadcasting of ‘5 channel’. According to her words, the remarks from Crimean Tatar representatives and other citizens about the …

  • vojna-na-Donbasse

    President’s draft laws were adopted: What’s to wait?

    Oct 11, 17 • ARTICLES, HOT NEWSNo Comments

    Verkhovna Rada approved the president’s draft law ‘On creating the necessary conditions for a peaceful settlement of the situation in certain regions of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions’. No.7164 was supported by 229 MPs. Moreover, the parliament approved (in the first reading) the presidential bill ‘On the peculiarities of the state policy to ensure the …

  • Гройс_ФОТ

    Groysman: the President has signed a pension reform

    Oct 9, 17 • HOT NEWS, NEWSNo Comments

    The Prime-Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groysman reported that the head of a state Peter Poroshenko signed a law ‘On Amending Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine Regarding Increasing Pensions’, according to which the pension reform is introduced. Groysman added: ‘The President the draft laws on pension reform. As I promised all pensioners will get new increased …