• The log on the rails and the ruin of Donbass economy

    We come late in the evening on the redoubt ‘Zaparozhye’ in Bakhmut. We don’t know anyone from blockade activists and the only man, which telephone we have is in three hundred kilometers from here. Everyone from us knows about blockade of the railway connection only by hearsay, from colleagues, whose biggest part wasn’t on the …

  • Plotnitsky wants referendum on accession of Donbass to Russia

    Self-proclaimed ‘LPR’ chieftain Igor Plotnitsky, performing on March 17 in occupied by RF Crimea’, has claimed that he’s arguing to hold the referendum on accession of Donbass to Russia.

  • ‘Night wolves’ are going to open club in ‘DPR’

    ‘Night wolves’ motorcycle club Moscow is going to open owns unit in self-proclaimed ‘DPR’. The leader of Russian gang ‘Khirurg’ (Surgeon) has claimed about it on March 17.

  • New facts about Avdiivka demolition

    The head of National police of Donetsk Region Vyacheslav Abroskin has reported that fighters of self-proclaimed ‘DPR’ opened fire on a part of frontline Avdiivka. He has made a post on his Facebook page.

  • Two more RF banks recognized ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’ ‘passports’

    Russian Federation banks ‘Unicredit’ and ‘VTB’ started to service people with ‘passports’ of self-proclaimed ‘LPR’ and ‘DPR’. ‘Ukrainian news’ report about this with the link on the contact-center staff of these banks.

  • Crimean human rights activists are in safety. FSB fined and released detainees

    FSB fined and released earlier detained Ukrainian human rights activists near checkpoint ‘Kalanchak’ on the administrative border with occupied Crimea. The information about this was confirmed in the Office of the Ombudsman for Human Rights in Ukraine. Its representative was among detainees. ‘Radio Svoboda’ (Radio Freedom) reports.