LPR continues to eliminate their own gangs

“LPR police” reported that they eliminated “big illegal armed groups”.  According to the “minister of state security of LPR” Leonid Pasechnik those gangs “were a threat to state security of the republic”. According to him “there is no big uncontrolled military groups that can be a threat to security of LPR on the territory of the republic”. But the “minister” says that there are still “small gangs” on the territory controlled by LPR. Pasechnik didn’t say exactly what kind of gangs.

In Spring of 2015 the head of LPR Igor Plotnitskiy signed an order according to which all armed groups on the territory of the “republic” must join “people’s militia”. The groups that refused were declared out of law and were eliminated. After that gangs that were fighting on the side of LPR were eliminated.

On May 23 at about 18:00 there was another assassination attempt and the insurgents “brigade’s commander” of “Prizrak” Aleksey Mozgovoy, his press-secretary, two body guards and also the head of security service of Mozgovoy were killed.

In July in the area of Sverdlovsk Cossacks who were in a gang of Aleksey Gaiday and Gaiday were put on wanted list by “prosecutor’s office of LPR”.

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