Damages in Shirokino after new shelling were fixed. See photo

Officers-observers of the monitoring group of ‘Mariupol’ of the Ukrainian side of Joint Center for Coordination and Ceasefire (JCCC) have conducted a photo-fixation of the circumstances after 120 mm mortar shelling of Shirokino by NGCA gangs.  The press-service of ATO HQ reports about it.

‘Photo materials confirm the fact of shelling of the residential side of Shirokino settlement, using the 120 mm mortar, which is forbidden by Minsk agreements, on October 27 this year in the direction Pikuza – Shirokino from the side of NGCA gangs. The results of shot showed that homestead building (summer kitchen) was damaged by 120 mm mine explosion as well as the splinters of the mine damaged the facade of the apartment house on the address Severny lane, 2’, the ATO HQ informs.

Photo-fixation materials were transferred to SMM OSCE.

Ukrainian JCCC side notes that shellings of settlements from ban weapon and tries to blame AFU in it witness about NGCA authorities’ interest in the further aggravation of the conflict, demonstrate an unwillingness to observe the ceasefire and deliberate non-compliance with the Minsk agreements.

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