As a result of the assassination Amina Okueva was killed near Kyiv

In the evening of October 30, the veteran of the Anti-Terrorist Operation and public activist Amina Okueva was killed. An advisor of the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Geraschenko has reported about it in his Facebook.

‘A heart of the patriot of Ukraine Amina Okueva has just been stopped. Her car was fired at from the bushes at the railway crossing near Glevakha village of Kyiv region. As a result of got injured Amina died. Adam Asmaev was wounded too, but he will live. I have just talked with him by phone’, Geraschenko wrote.  

We would remind, on June 1 the assassination on Osmaev and Okueva was made. That moment an attacker introduced himself as a journalist for the newspaper Le Monde and shot a man. In response, Okueva made four shots at the attacker. Killer and Osmaev were seriously injured. In July, Osmaeva was discharged from the hospital.

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