For Dumchivo: about elections in Kyiv, IDPs and wild hippopotamuses

Local elections are gaining momentum in Kyiv. We are, IDPs, don’t take part in this performance. The absence of voting right was logical enough if 1,5 million of people could back home. But a lot of migrants can’t do this. 1,5 million is the serious number, even for such a big country like ours.

Thousand of housings were damaged during warfare, there is no place to come back for masters of property. Hundreds of people, served or had done this in ATO zone, will be killed after coming back there. Thousands of citizens were chased because of political beliefs and also don’t forget about members of their families.

But we talk not about difficult fade, we talk about elections in another regions of Ukraine. I will try shortly to tell about me watchings, made this weekend. Excuse me for the quality of photo, next time it’ll be better, I promise.

What is the difference between elections now and in previous years? So, it is the movement in the gender question. As for me, I’m used that most number of people on the advert flyers are: a) men’s; b) does not inspire positive associations. There are a lot of such posters in Kyiv. However, more pretty faces are looking at you from posters, sometimes strictly, sometimes gently, thoughtfully and devotedly. It’s a big progress from the esthetic point of view. Another stuff doesn’t worry us, migrants,’cause we don’t have a voting right.


Also, I’ve tried to appreciate from the esthetic point of view one of the holiday events, which was made by one of the local political projects. The contingent was: a lot of children, who came with parents, a lot of pensioners, a dozen of representatives of lumpen proletariat, here and there accidental or curious passersby.

Drinks looked alike


One of the representatives of the command of reformers severely looked from one of the posters.


In general, event was made for children (trampoline, candy, animators). I’ve shot only tamer of hippos from all of this.


It’s illegal to make photos of children, because they don’t vote as IDPs and don’t understand anything. The temperature was near +3 C. Oh, by the way , also there was the watch of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Two pretty female members of it asked not to photo them and their stand. While I was talking to them, the event has come to this final end and people began to go away. All tents have been collected, trampoline have covered and only two pensioners and two brittle Jehovah’s Witnesses stayed on the square.

So, Saturday has come without bright colours for me.
Castor Troy for

Погода в Киеве