Former “militiamen” turn into guerrillas

On October 23 armed men attacked checkpoint of “insurgents” in Obozne village (Slavyanoserbsk district of Lugansk Region). According to the source the checkpoint was located in dacha’s settlement. “Unidentified men attacked a house where 9 insurgents were living. There are a lot of killed and wounded” said the source who is close to “law enforcement agencies of LPR”. According to him former “insurgents of the republic” who became guerrillas are suspected in the attack.

Russian military joined the investigation. “Russians were checking Obozne and villages around it. They were searching for a long time, but didn’t find anyone” said the source.

Previously it was reported that a patrol of “people’s militia of LPR” was attacked in Lugansk. “Saboteurs” are suspected in the attack.

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