‘DPR’ ran the sending remittances service in ‘LPR’

Feb 9 • NEWSNo Comments on ‘DPR’ ran the sending remittances service in ‘LPR’


‘DPR’ people can send remittances to ‘LPR’ from February 9 and back through the post offices of SOEs ‘Pochta Donbassa’ (Post of Donbass). Separatist media has reported about it.

You need to contact the nearest branch of ‘Pochta Donbassa’ with the passport to send or get the remittance. The minimal amount of sending is 100 rubles, maximum is 15 000 rubles. 20 rubles of commission must be paid for the remittance up to 1 000 rubles, more than 1 000 rubles is 20 rubles plus 1.5% of remittance amount more.

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