Ministry for ATO hides an information about water payments between ‘LPR’ and Ukraine

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Ministry for temporary occupied territories hides an information from journalists about how ‘LPR’ fighters pay bills for water, which is supplied on captured territories by Ukraine. Blogger Denis Kazansky has reported about it, basing on the answer, given by a Ministry on his request.

According to his words, media interested in journalistic inquiry about the mechanism of payment, concrete names of the business entities that perform calculations between ‘LPR’ and controlled by the Ukraine territory. But, answer of the Ministry didn’t content any specifics. They switched the inquiry on the Tripartite Liaison Group.

‘We interested in the mechanism itself and in which currency payment is carrying out. Who transferred money from the ‘LPR’ side? What was the name of the company, which paid money for us and where it was registered? If our fake can do something best, it’s the writing of meaningless formal replies’, Kazansky clarified and added the photo of the answer.


Otherwise, blogger told that journalists also interested the topic of wage payment to railway workers, who left on the occupied territory.

‘We also are struggling with ‘Ukrzaliznytsya’ (Ukrainian railway road) now. We have been trying for three weeks to get an information about how many railway workers on the occupied territory are getting salary from Ukrainian budget and how much money is allocated on the depot in Yasinovataya, Ilovaiskaya and other occupied cities. If you didn’t know, Ukraine is still keeping this property for our taxes. And staff of these stations is getting wage from Ukraine, but services Russian trains with the weapon to fighters. That’s why ‘Ukrzaliznytsya’ has a big wish not to show us any numbers’, Kazansky noted.

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