From the first person, or what ‘LPR citizens’ write about

There are letters from live ‘LPP citizens’, without denominations, without edits – about life in the arms of the ‘Russian World’…

As usual those, who imagined beautiful life in ‘Russian world’ don’t trust neither refugees, nor witnesses of the riots of Russian ‘liberators’, nor occupied zone residents.

That’s why there is a text for Russians. From ‘Russian people of Donbass’, residents of occupied territories, believed to ‘Russian world’…

All these letters are from the ‘Ministry of Justice of LPR’ post and were provided by the employee of a ‘ministry’. All of them have addresses, telephones, surnames, but because of ethical considerations, we won’t point them… All of them are connected by one thing – their authors believed in ‘Russian world’. How they live with such a faith? All these letters were left without an answer.

Letter #1. Where’s my awards?

From: Sergei Valerievich M.

Topic: How can I get awards and money for wounds?

In the department: without indicating the department.


Dear Head of the Republic. I’m M. Sergey Valerevich appeal to you as a guarantor of our rights and freedoms! I was taking part and now I’m taking part into the building of our country from 23.02.2014 and till today. I have four wounds, passed from Metallist to Debaltsevo, everywhere I got promises about awards, but it’s empty words, isn’t it? There are a proof, but I can’t get your audience. That’s why I want to know what should I do next? Help! Alarm!

Address: LPR, Rovenki… Telephone: …

Letter #2. Husbands were fighting

From: Elena Yurievna O.

Topic: payment of compensation to the families of the dead servicemen

In the department: without indicating the department.


Good afternoon Igor Venediktovich! My husband died on February 2015 in the battles for Debaltsevo. I was left alone with four children, one kid is disabled. I have demand to repay of a debt for gas and there is a threat of turning off. Please, give me promised by you compensation. I will pay off debts and transfer my disabled child to Russia for purpose of competent treatment! Thank you!

Address: Luhansk region, Lutuhino district, Urban-type settlement Uspenka-1… Telephone: …

Letter #3. Paid work

From: Ekaterina Grigorievna T…

Topic: In what term the estimated money paid?

In the department: without indicating the department.


Hello! I was working at Lutuhino Brick plant. I can’t get my money during two months. I dismissed because wage is paid very bad and because my husband is already third year without a salary and when it’s begun to pay is unknown I decided to find a job where can I get money for my work. But, it’s really hard in our republic with such a an employment and I don’t know what to do.

Address: Luhansk region, Lutuhino district, Urban-type settlement Uspenka… Telephone: …

Letter #4. Help us with repair

From: Tatiana Evgenievna K …  

Topic: Absence of the window after warfare

In the department: without indicating the department.


Dear Manolis Vasilievich, 80-years old female-pensioner applies to you. I live in Luhansk, … str… , in time of warfare after the shelling of Eastern blocks I left without window. Because of my health, age and absence of finances I can’t mount window at my own expense. Help to pensioner in the framework of the republican program to restore damaged houses and provide construction materials. The absence of normal conditions could bring exacerbation of many diseases.

Telephone: …

Letter #5. It’s impossible to live… Thank you for… republic…

From: Nadezhda Nikolaevna K …  

Topic: Absence of the window after warfare

In the department: without indicating the department.


Dear Igoe Venediktovich! I Understand that it’s hard for our young Republic to create and construct – a lot of funds are needed. It’s not so simple to survive with pension of 2290 rubles (~$38) – utility, medicine and there is nothing to buy food after such spending. I drink every day atrial fibrillation drug and it’s for the rest of my life. It costs 2100 rubles (~$35) in city’s pharmacies. I don’t know how to survive??? I understand, you have a lot of troubles, but could you please increase pensions at least until 4000 rubles (~$66). I didn’t get Ukrainian pension. It’s really impossible to live. Excuse me for such a recourse. And thank you for raising and protection of Republic!!!

Telephone: … Address: LPR, Stakhanov…

Letter #6. Husband was fighting for fair state and it’s all the way around

From: Nataliya Vasilievna V …  

Topic: Police chief Y.A. Paschenko seized my car without reasons

In the department: without indicating the department.


On 04.30.2016 Pervomaisk police chief without any reasons has seized my car Audi A4 of a black colour. He motivated his action by my false power of attorney. I’ve got expert opinion after three months, which showed that power attorney is true. I went to an audience with Y.A. Paschenko and he said in my eyes that I won’t get my car, that he decides everything in this town and he doesn’t give a f… about my complaints. And there is no person to influence on him in all the republic. A lot of times I applied to MIA LPR and General Prosecutor’s office, but I’ve got no answer on my requests. But I have all copies of statements. My civil husband died, protecting Luhansk. He fought for us to live in free and honest state and it’s all the way round. Our city is crying from police chief’s extortions, he does everything that he wants! And it’s normal for MIA LPR and General Prosecutor’s office. Because of threatens from the side of police chief Y.A. Paschenko I was in the hospital. Does our republic really has no a person, who can stop all that lawlessness. After all, our people look at such persons like Y.A. Paschenko and think for what our guys were dying, so that beings as he continue to mock the people. Nobody pays attention how many complaints lay on the table of the head of our republic. I don’t have the strength to fight alone. But I hope that People’s Council has not indifferent staff to owns people. I hope that you can help me and my car will come back.

Telephone: … Address: Pervomaisk…

Letter #7. Full farce in recruitment offices

From: Vyacheslav Vyachesklavovich C …  

Topic: Contractual Service

In the department: without indicating the department.


Good afternoon! I’m interested in one question. There are a lot of adverts that you’re collecting volunteers in LPR army. So, how can I get there, if recruitment office makes documents for month, despite the fact that I collected all documents for 3 days. Who wants to serve after that? When you need a month to get to army and every day they have new reasons to take time out – or they don’t have stamps, or it turned that after a year from the last place of serving I don’t have dismissal stamp in a military ticket, but this document was all time in their office and now I’m sitting and waiting for a week when they put a stamp. Full farce is happening in recruitment offices and after that they want somebody to serve. Take actions, please.

Telephone: … Address: Molodogvardeisk, Luhansk region, Krasnodon district…

Letter #9. Lovers are around

From: Maria Mikhailovna T …  

Topic: Why is everything so still

In the department: without indicating the department.


The question is that higher forces promote their favorites to leadership positions. So, Aleksei Ivanovich is promoting the head of Department of bailiffs Maria Milhailovna with whom consists in intimate relationships.

Telephone: … Address: LPR…

Letter #10. About faith

From: Sergei Grigorievich t …  

Topic: How to stop a war

In the department: without indicating the department.


Dear Igor Venediktovich, the main thing that wasn’t done in ‘republics’ is to make Universal public post and prayer for peace and God’s will in Donbass and Ukraine and then to repeat it on Sundays and to call to it all Ukraine and Russia, people of Christian world. First of all it’s a will of God. Second, it’s the worldwide publicity that Donbass is the source and wants peace!!! And is looking for paths!!! There were few cases on the planet, when people asked God and it helped and changed the situation. For example, you can seek in the internet Fiji 2002 – two coups and civil war, all churches united and began to call people to pray. It turned, the Government ran away!!! Also Nigeria – the dictator ran away by himself, because of common prayers of people.

Also you can read Archimandrite Kirill ‘Notes by Marshal Zhukov. He saw well thought out successful decisions of German generals and after an issue of Stalin’s Decree on the church people began to pray. The turning point in the war and such miscalculations of German generals have started. If God wants to punish somebody, it deprives the mind!

Telephone: … Address: Donetsk Makeevka…


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