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    Nadezhda Savchenko has claimed about the beginning of a dry hunger strike because of adjournment

    Mar 4, 16 • HOT NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    Because of removing the session on March 9 Nadezhda Savchenko claimed about the beginning of a dry hunger strike. The attorney of Ukrainian pilot Nickolay Polozov has reported about it.

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    419 days in the captivity. The release (InformatorTV)  

    Mar 4, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    Luhansk journalist Maria Varfolomeeva was released on March 3, after 419 days of the captivity on “LPR” fighters.

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    The spontaneous rally against sects will be held in Donetsk

    Jan 29, 16 • NEWS, VIDEO1 Comment

    “DPR” authorities decided to hold spontaneous meeting of the residents of “republic” on January 29 in Donetsk against persuasion organizations. The official website of “Donetsk People’s Republic” reports about it.

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    Instead of authorities Ukrainian volunteers in Donbass conflict 2

    Jan 28, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    The Ukrainian state apparatus turned out to be too inert and not able to work effectively in the conditions of armed aggression. If not civil society that was motivated enough after the Revolution of Dignity, the country would have collapsed and would have suffered military defeat.

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    Arte disempowered

    Jan 19, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    From the end of April 2014 nearly 3 million of people have left the zone of conflict on the East of Ukraine. Nearly 1 million of people have found the asylum in the neighbor countries and from 1.5 to 2 million of people were forced to remove in the safe regions of Ukraine. Such scale …

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    Prisoners: an instrument of terror and a method of enrichment

    Jan 12, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    July 2014. Sloviansk. Donetsk region “The basic place, where ours hostages were held – was Security Service of Ukraine. This build, which is behind. Here were held main hostages, that according to militant opinion, constituted a menace either that could be, also there were two air-raid shelters, where they had been tortured and interrogated”, tells …

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    Stanytsia Luhanska CheckPoint

    Jan 12, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    The front line in Donetsk and Luhansk regions has separated not only territories, but families. Tens of thousands of people now have no opportunity to see their relatives, who live sometimes in a few kilometers away, on the territory, controlled by the enemy. At the end of October, 2015, in Stanitsa Luhanskaya village, which is15 …

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    Shellings from The Russian Federation

    Jan 12, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    The villages of Yuhanivka and Kolesnikovka are located 30 km North-East of Luhansk on the border with the Russian Federation. A small river called Derkul draws the border line, that can be forded easily in many different points. That is where stands the farther Ukrainian border post, that the rebels and Russian militaries did not …

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    Life on the front line

    Jan 12, 16 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    More than 200 settlements, where about one and a half million people lived before the war, are on the so-called “contact line”, which has decreased since the June, 2014, from 500 to 350 kilometers. Population of front line territories decreased three times because of military operations – crowds of people were leaving settlements in the …

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    Schools on the edge

    Dec 30, 15 • HOT NEWS, NEWS, VIDEONo Comments

    Walls and roofs in ruins. Broken roads. This landscape has become typical for the towns and villages of Donbass. However, only a year and a half ago Luhansk and Donetsk regions were considered as the most industrially developed and populous part of the country. The war has influenced all spheres of life, including education. On …