Sex in “LPR”: sweet, passionate and dangerous

War is war, but sex must be on schedule. Wars and conflicts are not able to drown out the basic instinct of inhabitants of “LPR” and to stop to get the desired pleasure. has made the research, where we had known what sweet fantasies and realities have people of “Luhansk People’s Republic” and what problems do they face with?

Invisible hat and presents from Venera

Any sex must be safe. Condoms, as the most popular contraceptive, are demanded in “LPR”, but became much more expensive. The packing of three pieces of Chinese condoms with funny and ridiculous names like “Vanka upper” or “Invisible hat” with naked women on the box cost in Luhansk and near from 15 to 40 of Russian roubles. 50-80 roubles you must give for the packing of more qualitative condoms, like “Contex” or “Durex”. Such wastes not everyone can afford. Ill and unreliable methods of contraception lead to an increase in unwanted pregnancies. According to words of the source in one of maternity hospitals, such trends are going to be in “LPR:

“Such girls come to us. So young, they get registered and afraid to give birth. It’s understood in such a hard time, but we try to discourage them from abortion”, one of nurses told. According to her words, the number of aborts didn’t increase during the last year in the region. In spite of economical and military difficulties, women, as it was earlier, are prefer to experience the joy of motherhood. The fair sex always experienced weakness to men in military uniform. Girls were not averse to have an affair with brave hussars in the days of old. The situation doesn’t change today, people in uniform are very popular among local temptresses. The deficit in visiting military wasn’t detected and also in venereal diseases brought with them.

Local doctor venereologist told that more than a year of location in Luhansk representatives of illegal armed formations, the cases of gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia and genital herpes became frequent.

“This guys brought with them full bouquets and local girls are naive, lost their heads. Now they will disentangle and cure all of this and it takes a long time and not so cheap”, doctor states. Medical workers are not hurrying up to provide exact statistics, citing on the medical confidentiality, and not every person cures “officially”. Doctors advice to sharp-set on militaristic exotic young virgins to be carefully protected and the best variant is to avoid questionable sexual contacts. Let it be in the genre of old-fashioned morals, but health is more expensive.

Luhansk dwellers are missing sex-shops and trying BDSM

What is the main thing in the quality sex except its regular presence? Right! It’s variety! Luhansk inhabitants are self-educated in fantasies and inventions in the bed. The stable demand on different sex-toys shows it. Earlier, such attributes were possible to buy in sex-shops or in the internet. Today almost all sex-shops are closed in “LPR”, post-offices also don’t work. This situation undoubtedly upsets dwellers, limiting them in the choice and realization of their sexual fantasies. The most resourceful and eager brought toys from Russia.

By the way, it became clear that local fans of role games sew a suit for bedding pleasures by themselves without having the opportunity to buy them. Also, costumes could be exctracted somewhere. For example, you can ask your female friend, working in a city hospital for the nurse uniform. It is very simple to get camouflage uniform. It sales in every military shop our counterfeits in “republic”. Whips, handcuffs and other BDSM stuff could be found in the stores of “funnies. The inquiry on them harshly increased after release of “50 shades of grey”. People are rumoring, that a lot of militants were coming on film screenings last year in one of cities of “LPR”.

Gays went underground and prostitutes are ready to take food except money

After analyzing the advertisments on Luhansk dating sites, you can draw the conclusion that swinger sessions are gaining momentum in “LPR”. Offers about intimate massage are also popular.

And representatives of LGBT hide and have gone underground in Luhansk. If earlier local gays and lesbians had their own site and regular parties, now representatives of sexual minorities are afraid to fall under the harsh hand of law enforcements and militants, who announce unofficial, but severe hunting.

“1000 roubles to beautiful girl for intimate service” is one of the most often met advertisments from the desirous to buy sex. It must be noticed that some Luhansk girls are willingly respond on such offers, because of hard financial situation.

“Whats wrong with that? Yesterday I had a date with the man, romantic dinner a romantic dinner at his expense, polite and courteously, we had sex. He left me money in the morning, but is it bad? I’m not a prostitute, just the time is now”, cheerful and light-minded acquaintance reasons. Some form their wishes concisely in “Novorossiya” style: “Looking for chick. Pay”, such advertisments are very often fact in “LPR”.

To remove prostitute is the classical variant to those who don’t want or can’t find the partner for sex in “LPR”. On the cry, the cost of service of priestesses of love is significantly decrease. A lot of call girls moved away from region, making a serious contest to their “colleagues” in border districts of RF.

On the cry, the price is hesitating from 800 roubles per hour of classic sex till 8000 roubles for the night for desirous to have party-hard in Luhansk. Some people are saying that local  priestesses of love can agree on barter from hopelessness. They are to take for their service food and household appliances.
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