Mayor of occupied now Alexandrovsk, the officer of AFU Nickolay Grekov tells about war, IDPs, Luhansk elite and collective responsibility of Donbass residents conversed with the bright representative of Luhansk political elite Nickolay Grekov, military of battalion “Aydar”. Mayor of occupied now Alexandrovsk told about ex-colleagues of Luhansk organization of Party of Regions, the right to vote for residents of occupied territories and IDPs, social aspects of problem of migrants and occupation of Donbas, Ukrainian military, whose houses stayed on occupied territory and a lot of things more except written above.

For those Luhansk people, who interest in political reality the name of Nickolay Grekov closely connected with the scandal, happened in 2012. He became a defendant in criminal proceedings, being the mayor of Alexandrovsk. Regional prosecutor incriminated to him and to the secretary of one of deputies of Alexandrovsk city council the extortion and accepting of a bribe of $ 130 thousand UAH. Court decided to choose a preventive measure in the form of detention. Today Nickolay Grekov claims that criminal case against him was fabricated by local “top-brassers”, commissioned by a number of representatives of the local political elite, his party “comrades”.

At that moment on the eve of parliament elections 2012, there were disputes in Luhansk organization of Party of Regions. They were connected with nomination of candidates in majority districts. Luhansk members of Party of Regions (regionals) were cleaning out political field, including own important persons.


  • How do you think, IDPs can’t take part in coming local elections?
    • I consider that all citizens of Ukraine must vote at home. Members of territorial communities choose their representatives. So, what attitude, we, Luhansk dwellers, have to Kyiv? It must be legally defined that person who didn’t live on the territory the term of cadenza of deputies, can’t take part in elections. It’s enough of manipulations and carousels in the country. Luhansk’ people must vote in Luhansk.
  • From what moment Luhansk resident, living in Kyiv, become the member of local community?
    • You know, there is a law. We cancelled the institution of constant visa inside, but we have the law about registration. So, when you register, you will become the member of the territorial community.
  • One and half a million of people from Donbass registered in other regions of Ukraine. Did they become members of local community?
    • No. Because they registered as IDPs, but not like members of local community. This statement is in the law.
  • The law says that status of migrants is determined as “Internally Displaced Person”.
    • So on, do you belong yourself to a territorial community? If you are Luhansk resident, you must vote in Luhansk for Luhansk candidates. Luhansk dwellers must take commitments to you and you ought to delegate authority to them. The law about elections doesn’t have such a point, that IDPs have a right to take part in elections in local councils. So, we weren’t deprived our voting rights, correctly saying, we were deprived the opportunity to vote on our territory.
  • You criticized in general the legal and regulatory base, which adjusts questions of status of IDPs. What’s wrong with it for you?  
    • It must be clearly approved and written who, how and why has the right to get such status and what this status gives. This means, what circumstances must be for a man, who provides packing of documents and gets this status, what rights does he has etc. In general, it’s a silly notion. No country in a world hasn’t had yet refugees inside of the country. Russians when attacked us maybe thought that citizens massively run would run away to Russia. They really have a problem with demographic situation now. But people haven’t run away neither in Russia, nor in Europe, they ran inside of the country.
  • Do you think they need ban?
    • We need to look in statistics about people who are going hither and thither and to come back them here or there. People need to decide where they want to be “or with smart, or with beautiful. A lot of people want to get two pensions and salaries. A half of so-called officials of LPR get pensions and salaries from this side. Our staff of militia, SSU, prosecutor, army, who treason that is, committed a criminal offense, continue to work on those territory, they have Ukrainian state awards, titles and state doesn’t want to deprive them it. We have already had the practice of the courts in absentia, so why nobody from this people weren’t convicted? Why people today, who betrayed Motherland are continue to live with the passport of citizen of Ukraine? Today people, who shed the blood of our countrymen, kill our soldiers, quietly fly to Spain, Turkey, Egypt, on the foreign passport of Ukraine? Why nobody of them deprived of the citizenship? Why nobody has the cancelling of the foreign passport?
    • We have so tricky nation. We want to fight and to trade with occupier. But it’s hard to sit on two chairs at the same time. All this questions must be solved by the country and only in the legal field. It’s necessary to cancel all foreign passports, deprive of the citizenship, condemned in absentia, to announce an international search.
  • On what circle of personalities all this must be spreaded?
    • As on members of an illegal armed formation and structures of the occupation authorities, and also on members of their families. Do you know that Kyiv today is full of separatists? Those people who directly connected with bloody events on Donbass and Crimea, today normally live in Ukrainian capital. A lot of them are not prosecuted, they quietly feel at home here. Some of them even work in the public authorities. Which constitutional state could allow something alike? People must incur responsibility and today not tomorrow! And it won’t be any of prescriptions and amnesties.
  • Can you say some concrete names?
    • Let’s start first: deputies of Luhansk regional council, presidium of Luhansk regional council, deputies of Luhansk city council, Association of cities of Ukraine. The last, by the way, is Ukrainian organization, registered in The Ministry of Justice and having own representations in regions. Luhansk directorate of The Association of cities of Ukraine applied to Yanukovich with the request to overclock Maidan and to Putin with request to garrison. Why mayor of Luhansk Sergei Kravchenko, detained by soldiers of “Aydar” and given to SSU was released? Why a rank of other officials, detained and given to SSU were released? We have such stuff when you open up Internet, SSU is on a first place. There they seized weapon, there they had caught somebody on a bribe, there something else. Maybe it’s better to SSU to begin to do their duties? It is State Security first of all. A half of judges stayed on those territory and all of them, just in case, sweared to people of Ukraine.
    • I can say another thing. Representatives of the Local Government, who stayed there, town and village heads etc. It’s a question about them, because they had sweared to territorial community. And when ATO ends all of them will need to sift “through a sieve”. It is very important to determine guilty – not guilty, responsible – not responsible, taken part – not taken part. Look around on all resources, including yours, everywhere are these names: Zinaida Naden, Manolis Pilavov, Nickolay Ermakov, Rodion Miroshnik, Leonard Svidovskov and a lot of surnames. Some of them are honored lawyers of Ukraine, honored journalists of Ukraine, have state awards. Did somebody raise the question of depriving them of all these titles? After all, they have betrayed this country! Nobody do anything.
  • How do you think, did local people are guilty in happened on Donbas?
    • You need to begin from yourself. We are all guilty in happened. People who ruled and govern us didn’t fly from outer space. They all were elected and delegated authority.
  • This means that all residents of the region are carrying collective responsibility? But on that moment in Luhansk MIA, SSU, Prosecutors revealed themselves as insolvent. The institutions of state act inefficiently and couldn’t defend statehood and ensure law and order. So, you mean that citizens must be responsible for this?
  • Statistics is the obstinate thing. Official appearance on “referendum” on May 11 in Luhansk region was 80%+, factual – 63%. So, people went there and vote for. Do you want to live in Russia with fraternal people? Packed up your valises and go away! Take away your relatives and there is no need to spoil somebody’s nerves and no problems. Move out and everything will be fine.
  • As for me when we come back in Ukraine Luhansk they must be deprived voting right. They violated the law about elections, taking part in this illegal voting. Every person must answer in law for this. They must be deprived for some period the voting right or maybe forever. People who pay taxes can vote and that’s all. We can blame it all and praise Saakashvili, but he did one thing. He dismissed all police in one day and nothing terrible happened. You will see the statistics of offenses, when law enforcements will provide safety on elections on October 25-26. You will see what a crime surge will be at that moments, because they are not self-confident to solve two problems at the same time. That’s why you have answered on your question: all incompetent staff of law enforcement agencies, who showed themselves at that moments, violating the law and betrayed the oath, must be expelled and lustrated without a right to work in government in any time. The same things had been passed by the part of European countries and nothing awful. Look, we had two revolutions, but the most expensive cars still stand near prosecutor, MIA, Administration of The President and Cabinet of Ministers. Have you ever seen one of the workers of the prosecutor in metro?
  • Let’s come back to the question of Luhansk elite. It happened that this power vertical and also Local Government were tied to some personalities…
    • I can say what depends on Efremov. The criminal case on this man was filed. The trial is happening now and I don’t want to comment this. The same things also according to Arsen Klinchaev. Now society needs to ask and control. And what about such rascals as Pristyuk, Golenko, Kravchenko, who stole from the state, stole from Efremov, stole from us and they quietly live and use all that they had stolen? Do you know what real estate Luhansk dwellers buy to themselves on Lipki and in other elite districts, they open cafe, build supermarkets here. If this a secret to somebody here? Society is not ready to public reprimand of this people. We deserve all of the things that are happening now. We’re drawing caricatures on them, but in fact they laugh at us. We’re giving them an opportunity to live with impunity, except the interrogation about what were they doing at that times – Medyanik, Gorokhov, Pristyuk and all the rest. Really, there were MPs, who came and visit captured SSU, they were on meetings. For what they had called, whom had they feeded?
    • When I was called in SSU to be asked about separatism of Gleb Bobrov, he was working on Pristyuk, in his newspaper. I know Gleb a lot of years. He has been working for Medyanik, Kravchenko, there, there, there. I had told about all this stuff. But they were continuing to ask me if I know something about separatist actions of Korolevskaya, Akhmetov, Efremov? I answered to them that I know nothing. And further I’ve said to them: “I have the information about such a citizens like doctors, entrepreneurs, who visited meetings and were crying “Referendum!”. And they are opening clinics, restaurants, boutiques here. I’m ready to give testimony”. They answer to me – “We don’t need them”. Here is the safety of a country where some people call to make a “referendum”. At the same time SSU are catching grand mamas and people who’re delivering weapon and bribes. The salaries that staff of SSU and Prosecutor take, are not docked with their way of life. Look at their declarations, on their property.
    • According to appointments, the power vertical has the another situation. I consider that while we have been having people from another territories here, there won’t be the order. Representatives of territorial communities must have the responsibility there. It’s their duty to make requests  to The President. By the way, Luhansk council hasn’t gathered yet during all this time.

    to be continued…

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