How Russian soul goes away

So, my dear compatriots, we had flashed once again. This time it happened in the sphere of culture, in poetry. I congratulated Elena-poet Zaslavskaya with getting the premium, connected with S. Esenin. I won’t make up my mind to quote rude, as fallen pole, the style of poet. It’s because here is the high-level cultured, politically correct edition and I apply to you from it. It will be brutal to write about use of genitals of some heroes of “Russian Spring”.

One more symbol of Luhansk region comrade Klinchaev flashed his face after the poet-femen. So, it was my special plan not to call him Mister, because such appeal wasn’t accepted in the Soviet times and there was a strict gradation and comrade Klinchaev likes this period very much. According to gradation, if police reports had the inscription “comrade”, it was already suspect, but if there was written “citizen”, it was accused. Nobody from our fighters for the sovereignty and integrity of Ukraine from law enforcement could find any pretension to a person, who was ruling local cattle and gangs came from inside to throw away flags on state buildings. Really Ukraine is Europe, we have greatest then Europeans level of tolerance from the side of authority. It is interesting, what you must do with state symbolism to make angry our law enforcements?

Luhansk always was for Ukraine like younger mentally retarded brother, the main “bandit” in the district. By the way no scandal news from Donetsk weren’t heard by us. So, “younger brother” decided to renew base of anti-records.



So, current two abortions in the informational space are the sign of bottom. I want to believe that it was last ejection from our city, however more disgusting things are always exist. I see positive moment in it. Luhansk push away all shit. The example of this poet is attractive in a sense of Russia crisis, because they didn’t even studied her literature creativity, but gave her an award. Russia doesn’t have anything except literature to submit on Judgement. But this literature is in the distant past and it so divorced from modern Russia that crooked poems of comrade Zaslavskaya turned to the court, and even worthy of award named by Esenin. After such an event Esenin would hang out by himself without any help of chekists.


We want it or not, but “Russian World” is pushing away from Donbass.



According to photo I was impressed by something else. A lot of people are wondering that it is Horlovka like we see something unnatural. Compatriots, we cried that “Donbass is Ukraine!” So, does nobody believes in it? Things to compare, Transcarpathia has more Hungarian than we have Russian, but nobody doubts that Transcarpathia – Ukraine. Try not to forget that Luhansk is not less Ukraine than Poltava or Ternopil and poetry of Zaslavskaya means that Russian spirit goes away.


Georgiy Suschenko for

Погода в Киеве