No heating in Donetsk again

According to information from municipal service of the city, the pressure in gas pipes went down to critical level second time during this week already.

“We had to turn off boiler houses. As soon as gas pressure increases the boiler houses will be restarted” said representatives of municipal service.

Residents of the city are pissed off by such attitude from the side of municipal service.

“We haven’t experienced anything like that for a long time, we wake up in the morning and it’s cold in the apartment. Radiators are absolutely cold. We can see a pipe of a boiler house from a window. Usually during heating season there is a smoke out of it, and for the last few days there is no smoke, it means that the boiler house is not working” writes Donetsk resident Yuliya Remez.

A week ago residents of Donetsk also were cut off from heating.

Погода в Киеве