The syndrome of Leningrad square

Maybe, everyone, who drove in Kyiv through metro station Chernihivska to Paton bridge, remember how it’s hard to move over the big ring on Leningrad square. When you already closer to the ring, you’re noticing a surprising pattern – cars in a right lane are faster than the others in a few times. In spite of the fact that this lane is near Trade Center “Darnitsa” and it has only “right movement”. And closer and closer the reason of such movement in the right lane begins to be clear.

The cars of “smarts” turn on left turn near the ring and remove in the left lane, from which straight movement is possible. At this time other “victims” ought to wait, when all “smarts” move out and one more group of “victims”, who really needs to turn in right direction also wait the moving out of “smarts” in the right. They couldn’t be jumped. “Smarts” can be different. Outlanders “Mercedes” and elite sedans, but not less usual “Skoda”, “Nissan”, “Renault” and even old “Lada” could be waited among them. I’m deeply sure that if all road users could go with the strict compliance with the rules, Leningrad square (Leningradka) wouldn’t stayed or stayed much more less. This amazing law is everywhere on our roads, if you drive by rules you become “victim” and “smarts” are still continuing to violate rules with impunity.

But such method isn’t limited by only road. Everywhere in our country those, who regularly pays utility and also pays for those, who don’t pay, because some percent is included in the tariffs. Those people who regularly pay taxes go on such broken roads as people who do “black optimization”. People who walk on the same cracked sidewalks and dangerous yards, as those, who hopelessly drinks, don’t pay anything and piss near porches and inside them.  And those who don’t give bribes to the officials are walking through such a mazes of bureaucracy, that it is difficult to imagine how they do it. So, opposite people, who give bribe is walking on easy way with forecasting positive result. The young specialist somewhere in State Regional or District Administration is working on low salary of pauper and looking with envy on the level of life of his colleagues, who takes money “to solve problems”. Of course, because he is a victim.


New time. Checkpoint in ATO zone “Zaitsevo”. Do you have official skip? That’s perfect! Did it was bring from the base of SSU in the base of Border Guards Service? You don’t know, but there can be delays during a month. How to know about it? Do you see in binoculars the end of the queue? You need to get to that end. There your place for now. So, you will know if your skip was got when you turn will come. Is it so difficult to stay 1 day? And you don’t have a skip, will you give 200 UAH? You can cross the point. Queue? Nope, it’s not for everybody, only for those, who have skips. “Take your turn if you have skip”, you don’t need it, you don’t have it. Anybody, who breaks the law, “smart” always will come first at work and first will get (also in general)  certificate or resolution and will save a lot on taxes and fees. He will sale more production, because he lowered cost has reduced the cost by duty and VAT etc. Person who plays by rules become a “victim”. Here is he’s staying on Leningradka while “smarts” have already drink coffee on their working place. He is fined by the taxes service and it is not important how much you’ve paid earlier. The act of checking must be closed earlier with known not less number from plan. Those who run for the bus, who can’t come directly on the bus stop, because of parked cars, he is also our “victim”. Old woman who regularly pays from her micropension for gas and electricity and wonderly looks at her neighbors, parking their jeep outlander and aren’t paying for utility. It’s not so frightened, because old woman is also the “victim”. She will pay for herself and for “those guy” and then TV will show the plot about big debt of population for utility services. When implement the law, rules and generally having a conscience person becomes the “victim in our country and violator, criminal in biggest part of times is unpunished, I call it “Leningradka syndrome”. This term makes “victims” to become “smarts”, when their power to be fools is over. But one thing, “smarts” don’t come in “victims”. The process is irreversible. They are “smarts”, life educated them.

I want to ask you not to tell that such situation is everywhere. I was in a lot of countries. World has has the same like ours – RF, Venezuela, Tajikistan and maybe more of them exist. But neighbor Poland fines for violations and they have the award like free site for paying taxes. Far USA turns off gas and power for debt for utility and they give funds to mount sun panels for good payers. It is profitable and justified to carry rules and laws. It’s a pity, but not in our country.

Something wrong with system, don’t you think the same?