The presence of medics is necessary on the checkpoints – the lawyer of “Vostok SOS”

The increased number of deaths are connected with the long waiting in queue without access to the heat source, food, water and also health care. The lawyer of “Vostok SOS” Levon Azizyan has reported about it to the correspondent of

“The transport corridors between controlled and uncontrolled territories are vulnerable places from the medicine point of view. People spend a lot of time in rests with normal conditions – the heat, water, food, toilets and access to physicians. If people of young ages can tolerate such conditions, the representatives of older generation, unfortunately can’t stand it and this becomes fatal”, told the lawyer. According to his words, it is necessary to provide the transport corridors with medics, but executive authorities are noticing the personnel shortages.

“The elementary availability of inpatient medical with ambulance on the checkpoint can save life and health of people. Executive authorities openly declare that they don’t have an opportunity to provide physicians (the staff of medical personnel in Stanitsa Luhanska barely greater than 40%), but at the same time they will be glad if international organizations will engage this situation”, added Azizyan.

Also he reported, that some international organizations have already interested with the problem of absence on medics on the checkpoints.

“Charity Fund “Vostok-SOS” highlighted the problem of absence of medical service on the checkpoint “Stanitsa Luhanska” on the regional cluster of UN for Health on November 17 in Severodonetsk.  

Preliminary concern in medical support of the checkpoints was expressed by the International French Organization “Médecins Sans Frontières”. We hope that this problem won’t be left without attention and in a closer time the measures to provide checkpoints with medical service will be taken”, he claimed.

We would remind that man died in queue on the block-post “Zaitsevo” at night from 17th to 18th of November. And one more man died near checkpoint “Stanitsa Luhanska” on November 20.