All are free. Unbelievable adventures of the nationalists in Luhansk region (part 1)

The material which informs about removing of the nationalists in Luhansk region into the underground is located on the website of All-Ukrainian Union “Svoboda” (AU “Svoboda” – Freedom). It was written, of course, about occupied part of the region. “… we set a goal to sve in the memory these pages, to leave them for the next generations as the example of the unbroken resistance and confirming of the fact that the names of Ukrainian nationalists mustn’t be forgotten”, writes Bohdan Savur.

The correspondent of our edition offers to readers to remember the most bright shows of this political force in pre-revolution and pre-war years.

Snegirev and total “betrayal” from everywhere

“We don’t wish to struggle with this occupied regime for the money of this regime itself. The betrayal of the opposition and mostly irreconcilable to regime of Yanukovich Eastern Departments of parties stands beside the loud slogans about National opposition”, reported the press-service of Luhansk Svoboda after the party gathering on November 7, 2010.

The leader of the Luhansk branch Dmitry Snegirev blamed the top of the party in playing along with “regionals” (members of the Party of Regions), they forbade to take part in local elections to Luhansk filiation of “Svoboda”. The application about the termination of membership in the party has been already reviewed by the political council on November 27 and Luhansk organization left without the leader.


Dmitry Snegirev

After the outgoing of Snegirev Luhansk “Svoboda” became the permanent provider of the news about inside personnel policy and ex-members of party have begun to create the organizations-clones, which were copying in different ways the ideology and esthetic of Tyahnybok protagonists. The ex-leader of Luhansk nationalists began to be discredited at the moment by mass media of the party. The situation has come to the peak when Snegirev was doused with sewage in 2012 in Lviv, where he registered as the candidate in parliament in one of the single-member districts and the video of attack was uploaded into the web.

But, let’s come back in 2010, when Oleg Tyahnybok visited Luhansk and inspected the state of affairs in the regional party organization.

Oleg Tyahnybok didn’t suggested any of candidates on the post of the head of Luhansk “Svoboda”, but after his leaving Irina Mahrytska was begun to consider as the potential leader. The Associate Professor of the Ukrainian language and literature Eastern Ukrainian University them. Dahl, chairman of the Regional Association for the Study of Holodomor in Ukraine Irina Mahrytska immediately was criticized by ex-member of “Svoboda” Snegirev.


Irina Mahrytska

He shortly described the state of affairs in the organization, supposing, that its core consists from “Russian female, communist, state provocator, man, excluded from party for cowardice and plus ex-member of the criminal group with the nick-name “Koba”. It is needed to be explained that Mahritskaya was called Russian female, Koba – Alexander Kobzev, the sportsman-boxer in the past and communist is Aleksei Bluminov, radical left publicist who not only sympathized to nationalists, but also headed the press-service of Luhansk regional organization of AU “Svoboda”.

No place to jews here

Numerous conflicts in the environ of the minded brought to the fact that Oleg Tyahnybok appointed the curator to his bad egg subordinates. Ihor Shvaika, the lawyer and the head of Kharkiv regional Department of AU “Svoboda”,  was made to supervise for Luhansk branch.


Ihor Shvaika

Shvaika, grown in Lutuhino, was perceived ambiguously by party members and simpaticos of “Svoboda”. It’s because of his reputation of harsh and unprincipled politician. Also, the charges in raiding, spreading by political opponents, reached the ears of “Svoboda”.

Irina Mahritskaya is the well-known Ukrainian scientist hardly feel comfortably in the surrounding of her co-party people under the siege of Shvaika.  In spite of often media-reports on the website of the party about political activity of Luhansk nationalists, the situation was growing tense in the organization.

Mahritskaya, paid a part of time to science and media job, began to be blamed in non-conformity of her national identity of occupied positions in the party hierarchy. Irina Arkadievna turned from “Russian”, Snegirev considered that she has this nationality, into jew. She was called in a such way by her closer colleagues of party-building, the members of the temporary regional committee Kobzev and Lysenko.

It’s known that Igor Shvaika a lot times times claimed in his propaganda speeches that people who has at least half of Ukrainian blood can be the members of their party. However, the level of the discipline harshly increased into the ranks of Ukrainian nationalists. Every member of a party was obliged to spread the press of a party, take part in the pickets and other party events.

The authoritarian management style of Shvaika became the main reason for a dozen of members to leave the party. Irina Mahritskaya went out slamming the door, because of the conflict with Kharkiv “Fuhrer”. She has already blamed AU “Svoboda” after the elections 2012 in the disparity of action of the party leadership with the ideology of the party and Ihor Shvaika in the working against the National Idea.

The chieftain Koba and elections

Alexander Kobzev, the entrepreneur, and sportsman in the past became, it seemed to be the ideal leader of the city party organization. His direct duties included the spreading of the agitate newspapers and also the organization of different city party events.


The event of Luhansk “Svoboda”

More serious cases were solved by Shvaika himself. He discharge Kobzev from publicity and attention of media, because of objective reasons. Alexander Kobzebv remembered by the extremely aggressive behaviour in social media, he provoked his own baiting from the side of pro-Russian users with it. From the other side Kobzev, as the most hard-working agitate party member, was expecting to take the post of head of the regional organization AU “Svoboda” and such situation wasn’t in plans of curator of Luhansk nnationalists.


Alexander Kobzev

Party put forward on 108th majority district not Kobzev as its candidate, but member of “Svoboda” from Izyum Artem Zaika, closer comrade of Shvaika. Zaika had to take part in the campaign on 108th district, haven’t got the support from Luhansk members. As a result the concerted candidate from the opposition has got the 1.29% of votes. However, nationalist didn’t have any chances to win in the district where two policemen Ternikov and Moshensky fought for the deputy mandate. Given the specificity of the region such result can be called successful. To support Zaika except Tyahnybok, first persons of a party came, Andrei Mokhnik and Ihor Miroshnichenko. Alexander Kobzev permanently was present on all meetings with the electorate, but he was always moved in the shade by young protege of Ihor Shvaiika.


Artem Zaika and Ihor Shvaika

The results of the parliament elections and the victory of AU “Svoboda” in general are attracted the attention of not only regional power, but of all local media. Patriotic, but wildcat Alexander Kobzev, contrary to his new political reality continued to rely on the post of the head of the regional organization. Plans of the ex-boxer failed, Luhansk “Svoboda” was headed by Zaika.

“He is very hard-working and fine fellow, but he can’t obey to the authority of the party, this words said one of Luhansk party members about Alexander kobzev, his top is the spreading of the newspapers in the campaign tent”.

To be continued

Alexander Dvanov for