Toilet monster  of “antifa”. Separatist’s dao from Alchevsk

The deputy of Alchevsk City Council from CPU Aleksander Bebeshko came a road from the participant of tax Maidan to the head of “political Department” of gang “Prizrak” (The Ghost). Unbalanced separatist toured through Luhansk region with the command of female pensioners, the owner of the paid toilet, the provoker on the service of “regionals” Bebeshko now is in “purgatory” of the website “Mirotvorets” (The Peacemaker). About pogrom-maker opportunist, whose hate to Ukraine has materialized in the crimes against Nation is in article of Aleksander Dvanov for

Political head with Che Guevara

After the liquidation of the chieftain of gang “Prizrak” Mozgovoy it replenished with new fighters and ideology of the insurgents, entrenched in Alchevsk became more left. Terrorist have the special personnel starving, the stream of “meat” from Russia decreased and local staff from marginals and city mad also are not hurrying to fold their exuberant heads in the battles with “junta”. The ex-member of forbidden in Ukraine and also “LPR” CPU Aleksander Bebeshko heads the political Department of the shabby in the intestine shoot-outs terrorist formation.

He talks a little about his participation in the gang. It’s understood from video that “ideological work” with privates of gang is one of his tasks. And hanging on the background cloth with the image of Che Guevara only adds to “client” of the Ukrainian Special services comedy and pathos. The ideology of the insurgents is eclectic. Theses sometimes are contrary to each other and their allies as usual feud. The ideas about “Triune Russian Nation”, “Russ The Orthodox” and “great Stalin” wonderfully coexist in the consciousness of separatists. Bebeshko has his own special relationships with the last one point from this trinity. Unknown persons, but also suspicion that it was Bebeshko himself, glued in 2012 in Alchevsk the flyers with text “Stalin = Bebeshko” on the black fond.


Judging by pleasant face of Alchevsk communist, “The Ghost” of different colours has turned into the ghost of communism. The residents of Alchevsk report that view from the window, on the back of “political head” allows to confirm that this video was really shot in the barracks of “The Ghost” on Leningradskaya street in the ex-community of Donetsk State Technical University.

“Maidany” communist

It’s a strange, but our hero also was on Maidan, but on Tax Maidan in 2011. Bebeshko, traded ice-cream and tea at retail, significantly expanded his business, he opened public WC in city market. New enterprise got the name “The sea of a pleasure”, what made a lot of occasions to joke. Even Vladimir Kosyuga, being the mayor of Alchevsk, laughed at this business, calling Bebeshko to leave policy and to dive into the waves of this stinky “sea”.

“Jumping” on the Tax Maidan a little bit, Bebeshko decided to go into the city council on the lists of passage in Luhansk region Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU). He faced with competition in the city Dept. of the party from the side of ambitious and wealthy at that moment rival – the future “people’s mayor” Nickolay Boiko. Our source in the environ of Luhansk commies told that Boiko was taken in the party only for elections 2010 to finance the mayor campaign. The plans on Bebeshko and Kilinkarov were other.


Already “upgraded” on the protests the owner of the public WC was sent to study in the “High Party School”, where he learnt the classic of Marxism-Leninism, and other applications of the ideological wisdom. There Bebeshko mastered the primitive methods of rallies rhetoric. His “opponents” except capitalists, become the myth “fascists” – Ukrainian patriots and nationalists, other political forces, not oriented on Russia. By the way, ruling with his own logic, Bebeshko considered, that finished the party lessons of CPU he had graduated. This mistake costed a few media scandals to the newfound communist.

“Show me your diploma, you beast!”

Bebeshko decided to compete with candidate on 110 district from Party of Regions Vladimir Chub on the parliament elections 2012. The metal stands with image of phiz of the candidate were made to agitate. These constructions blocked the sidewalks along the busy city streets, the exits from Alchevsk factories were overlapped.


The party, mastering a considerable budget, produced few circulations of newspapers and propaganda flyers. One day to support Bebeshko the column of the new microbuses “Gazelle” with CPU symbolism raided in the city. The sound equipment was mounted on every microbus, Soviet songs were loudly transmitting from them and flocks of youth, weared in capes with hammer and sickle were stuffing mailboxes with party waste paper. At the end of the day Bebeshko decided “to assault” the Executive Committee for giving the agitation products already for the staff of administration. Just only 2 and half a year Bebeshko will take part in real assaults of the administrative buildings.


The article, where author claimed that Bebeshko has cheated the election commission, attributed to himself high-education diploma, was published in summer 2012 in “Nedelya” (Week) newspaper. Commies was lying in reply, that he meant “incomplete higher education”, but another booklets with other data about the degree of the candidate were available to the editorial office. Our source from the circles of “The Ghost” told that after the scandal “Bebeshko became insane, but it’s not understood or it happened because he stopped with alcohol (suggestive treatment for alcoholism) or it happened because he was concretely trolled in the internet”.

We suffocated and suffocated them…

Losing elections to the “regional”, communists resolved on a very practical course – searching for the ideological enemies in Alchevsk. There would be enough the powerful “regionals” on this role, but Bebeshko chose a few nationalists, in particular – members of “Svoboda”.

Losing to his opponents in media-battle, Bebeshko began to eliminate competitor inside party, Nickolay Boiko and he won. Future separatist mayor of Alchevsk Boiko was technically excluded from CPU. At the same time Alchevsk communists became the inventors of the election “know-how” – stones or bricks hit often in the windows of City Committee. According to the words of Bebeshko a piece of brick flew in a santimeter from his temple on October 11, 2012.


How brick struck the plastic window and placed between lattices communist didn’t specify, but reported to press: “It is not the hooligan act. It is clear political action! The aim of the action is the psychological influence on the members of the City Committee and communists of the city on the eve of the extraordinary elections of Alchevsk mayor on June 2. Given that this is not the first case, I would like to know, what undertook and undertake police to provide the public safety and to detect guilty”. The stones and other dangerous for the members of CPU things will fly into the accommodation of City Committee a lot of times, but they didn’t hit in the target even at once. In spite of scandal with the high education and extremely unbalanced behavior, Bebeshko could get nearly 15 000 of votes and take a third place on majority in district #110.

WC in colours of the state flag

The WC “The sea of pleasure”, which is owned by Aleksander Bebeshko, is painted in blue and yellow colours. The city deputy himself stressed a lot of times that he chose this colours specially, because Ukraine is a toilet.


Begun the trial with “Nedelya”, while journalists of it were searching for the intimate details of the political life of Bebeshko, separatist concentrated on the human rights activity and agitation in “Odnoklassniki” (Russian social media of classmates – ed.), invariably finishing his illiterate posts with the traditional “We will overcome!”

Before the Maidan resistance and war, Aleksander had to “win” only bureaucratic windmills. Looking for the conflicts in the mass, CPU sometimes connected to the debate process and appropriated merits of more talent human rights activists and politicians to itself. The participants of one or another conflicts expressed repeatedly their opinion about the competence of Bebeshko.

In a spray of “anti-fascism”

The pogrom and provocative potential of Alchevsk “Red Ideologist” (it’s not a joke, it’s the nickname of Bebeshko in the social media) was highly appreciated by Kilinkarov & Co. The owner of “The sea of pleasure” was resisting to members of “Svoboda” in Akhtyrka in time of “overthrow of Lenin”. Communists couldn’t save their leader that times and “Alchevsk Stalin” has been beaten by or Shvaika or Miroshnichenko. The slap from nationalists finally determined the vector of hate of Bebeshko. The “fascists” became his aim and the tragedy of “Babiy yar” became the favourite plot in the performances for post-Soviet audience. Bebeshko could get even with offenders from the right camp two times, his aim was only to rock the crowd of marginals. First time when was the collision with patriots on the march of UIA in Stakhanov, Bebeshko reported to the drunk cossacks and brought from around settlements “titushki” that participants of action were going to destroy the monument to Soviet Soldiers and flood the “eternal fire”.

The provocation worked: political opponents began to fight with the connivance of the police, the participants of agreed march and journalists were beaten and flags of Ukraine were torn by friends of Bebeshko. The provoker himself didn’t take part in the fight, he stood near and shot on the camera of telephone happened.

The second time Bebeshko with touring team from Luhansk (Chalenko, Philippsky) and with huge security disrupt the meeting with the MP Ihor Shvaika. Neither Bebeshko, nor goons from Luhansk Regional Committee of CPU weren’t punished for this hooliganism with MP.

Federalize me, baby, one more time

Our source from CPU reports, that commies, demonstrating zeal and support to separatists in the capturing of Luhansk Regional State Administration and Luhansk SSU office, tried to stay in the legal field of Ukraine. The main idea was the federalization of the country by holding the referendum. After the victory of Maidan Bebeshko raged on the meetings against “junta”.

The rhetoric has been changed after the short time, toilet “antifa” monster flew in the “militia”. We haven’t already known if Bebeshko took the weapon in his arms, but judging the information from the anti-terrorist resources, the facts of material supply of separatists and spreading the newspaper “Novorossiya” are proved. For today Bebeshko stays the deputy of the City Council of Alchevsk, but he had to leave temporary the WC-business, because of disruptions with water. The free time, appeared after the closing of “The Sea of pleasure” Aleksander decided to waste on the ideological training of abandoned after death of their commander “Ghosts”.

Seeing the circumstances of his destructive activity, Bebeshko doesn’t lose the presence of the spirit and a good mood. You can notice it in his activity in “Odnoklassniki”, where “antifascist” posts pictures from Soviet reality and funny revolution songs.

His nonchalance is explained enough by such “messages”, which Ukrainian power sends to the insurgents. According to planning by Kyiv amnesty, Bebeshko won’t have any responsibility for the crimes against state, as the thousands of collaborators of terrorists. Moreover, having a wish to take part in local elections by Ukrainian laws, the ideologist of “The Ghost” will carry further in his pocket the certificate of the city deputy. According to the WWC “The sea of pleasure”, its work will renew with water supply in Alchevsk and owner of it we will a lot times on the stage of already Ukrainian policy.

Alexander Dvanov for