Children on “militia’s” service

What can be more terrible and incompatible as children and war? The weapon except toys and camouflage except bright clothes. As events of the last days show more and more young minds are bleared by Russian propaganda and children enter the ranks of “militia”. will tell in this material about three young “fighters for Novorossiya”, who voluntarily exchange carefree childhood on impregnated by death and lie military-reality.

Bohdana Nescheret: 9-year girl on the service of separatists

Every little girl is playing with dolls, wearing pink dresses, reading fairy tales and believing in magic. A young resident of Alchevsk Bohdana Nescheret had at first such childhood. Usual girl studied at school and there was no difference between her and coevals… while war didn’t come.


When “Prizrak” (The Ghost) gang settled in summer 2014 in Alchevsk, the father of Bohdana told a lot about Mozgovoy to her. As a result the chieftain appeared for a long time in the impressionable heart of child Bohdanka. The father of the girl himself, 35-year old Roman Nescheret, State Guard officer has joined the ranks of “The Ghost” till that time. Maybe, the decision of the father and military “romantic” affected on a girl and impressed by the stories about “heroes of Novorossiya”, Bohdana resolved to write a touching letter to Mozgovoy on the eve of The New Year.

“Halo, uncle Lesha! It’s Bohdanka is writing to you! My congratulations with The New Year to you! I’m presenting you my lovely friend Levchik. He is very lucky! Levochka was the talisman of Sochi Olympiad and Russia has won, I took him to the school with me and good marks at home and now I’m presenting him to you, let he brings you the victory. I know Novorossiya will win! I love you and we say with girls, “Uncle Lesha Mozgovoy is very strong and cool”! Please defeat! Bohdanka”.

Maybe Mozgovoy was touched by the letter of a girl and invited her into the Luhansk Puppet Theatre. From that times the friendship of combat chorister-romantic from Svatovo and simple schoolgirl from Alchevsk became stronger and stronger day by day. After the doom of Mozgovoy Bohdana Nescheret become a real “star” of the local scale. She read her famous poem with anguish and tears “Donbass is burning, Donbass in tears, our prairies are burning” on May 24 on the meeting requiem in the memory of Mozgovoy. The sympathetic public do hard teardrop and girl-poet became the “folk darling” at the moment. Moreover, bright banners were hung everywhere in the city, where Mozgovoy paternal care hugged little Bohdana.


Hardly going through the death of his idol, the girl visited his grave a lot of times and made a decision during her summer vacations to enter the “militia”. Spending all free time in the HQ of “The Ghost”, schoolgirl does simple tasks like peeling potatoes, preparing a tea to the “soldiers” and even washes floors.

“I have my own duties here: I’m doing my best to our soldiers and this things support the fighting spirit of the brigade. Except this, I help to women sometimes to peel the potato on the kitchen, to prepare food and wash the dishes. The only thing I don’t like is to wash floors and railing in the HQ, but not at all I will get used to it too”, tells Bohdana.

The new “combat” of “The Ghost” sees the pains of the girl and girl soon is accepted into the “brigade”, taken to Bohdana the certificate of the member of “The Ghost”.


Now “militia” – kid has her own callsign “Docha” (daughter). Except this Nescheret-junior has salary of 1000 roubles size. According to the words of the girl she bought school supplies for needy pupils of her native educational complex “Svitanok”. From that times Bohdana become the mandatory participant of all city events, from the inspection of the amateur art to partaking in absolutely non-”Novorossiaya” holiday “Halloween”. Girl reads her poems, which were accumulated a lot by young poetess, on every event. Themes are predictable: the war, “banderamen” (ephemeral supporters of nonexistent Ukrainian fascism) and uncle Lesha Mozgovoy.


“What next? Oh, my God! For what brings the rule of dirt?”

According to the report of separatist mass-media girl was attempted by ex-staff of SSU, tried to kidnap her in autumn. The security was set to her from that times. It’s hard to say if the girl wants to go to school with security and how service in “The Ghost” reflected in the progress of Bohdana. But, there are rumors that school teachers of “young militia kid” try not to notice her absence and put low marks, they are simply scared. “Russian Union of the Veterans of Afghanistan”has awarded 9-year “Docha” with the medal “For bravery and courage”, which provoked new informational wave about “heroic girl-defender” on pro-Russian websites.



Till that time Bohdana has mastered more serious skill. The girl studied how to do bandaging to soldiers and use arms. Locals are still shocked by the photo of the girl, holding machine gun except doll.



“Why they dragged this girl into the war, she’s a child and doesn’t understand anything! What will be with her, when everything over? Her mind has been broken, the childhood was stolen”, local female laments, passing by the poster with photo of Bohdana and Mozgovoy.

…Bohdana has found new idol for herself and now she already writes letters to Ihor Strelkov.

It’s to think about a lot of things, while girl is basking in the glory and stories about her is being shown on the central Russian channels. The war will over earlier or late and girl will need to adaptate to the conditions of peaceful life. Could “Docha” become a usual girl or she will be rankled by the nightmares about war? Anyway, the one thing is clear: girl needs serious psychological rehabilitation and those who draw down Bohdana in the dirty channel of war must carry the liability and penalties.


Yaroslav Voskoenko disappointed in the ideals as young “militant”

It is hard to call the kid next hero of our publication, guy is of 17 years old. He also exchanged carefree youth and teenage entertainments on the machine gun and war. At the end of May of the last year native Lisichansk dweller Yaroslav Voskoenko and his friends decided to “fight with junta” and, wishing to “defend” native city wanted to join the ranks of the local “militia”. According to Yaroslav words they haven’t been taken to “The Ghost”, because of young age, that’s why he with friends created the unit “Young Self-Defense”, which counted 11 teenagers-fighters.


When Ukrainian army liberated Lisichansk in summer 2014, separatists from “The Ghost” together with Mozgovoy has run to Alchevsk.

How young “militants” retreated and took the last fight, Yaroslav told himself:

“We were covered with “Grad”. A lot of guys died. We were 58 people, 9 were girls, only few  stayed alive and got to Alchevsk. There were not enough weapon for everyone. The battle was on the block-post of road police on the exit from Lisichansk. We had tricycle and the car Lada 2101. 10 tanks and infantry fighting vehicle beside were against us…

I got the shrapnel wound. I don’t remember how I got to Alchevsk, I was riding a bike, then it stalled. We went by foot further. Nobody knew what had happened in Alchevsk. It’s not the alien city for me, I worked and studied there. I came into community where I lived earlier”.

After these events the information, as though Vockoenko was captured and shot by “the chasteners”. But information wasn’t confirmed, the news about death has become false.

Yaroslav though entered the gang “The Ghost”, where he serves in the humanitarian battalion. The guy had good relations with Mozgovoy, they appeared on the photo together very often.


Suddenly in last autumn Yaroslav become the hero of the websites and public pages, Ukrainian and pro-Russian resources were shouting around about teenager-separatist. According to the words of Yaroslav the curators from “The Ghost” don’t allow him to take part in fightings, because of young age, but he often features with weapon on the photo.

Then Voskoenko disappears from the media-space. Today battle fervor of Yaroslav cooled enough, maybe guy disappointed in the “republic” ideals and happening around. Trying to come to the peaceful life, Voskoenko entered the university, found the girlfriend and tried to do business – selling of vegetables. Except this, guy became a fan of RAP and performs with the nickname “Brash”.


“With da machine gun in the hand, only 16 years, George Ribbons are on the straps, the beret is on the head”, it is the word-by-word translation of his autobiographical lines from the song called “LPR”.

On the questions of separatist friends “When will you come to liberate Lisichansk?” Voskovenko sadly answers, “Maybe, never…”.

Yaroslav Voskovenko is wanted on the article 258 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine “Creating of the terrorist group or the terrorist organization” (imprisonment for a term of 10 till 15 years or life imprisonment).


Danil Boiko as the son of “people’s mayor” was building the “republic of philosophers”

Danil Boiko is the son of known “people’s mayor” – loser Nickolay Boiko. It is well-known fact that “the apple never falls far from the tree”. It’s clear that 17-year old Danil was willy-nilly embroiled in separatist movement of Alchevsk and “LPR”.


His father Nickolay has never hesitated to use his underage son in his own aims: Danil always helped to his father, beginning from placing the leaflets to the waving flags on the meetings. Boiko-junior was among those who mounted Russian flag on the roof of the City Administration at the end of last spring.


Also, Danil liked to use a lot the hashtag #savedonbasspeople, calling Russian army to save Alchevsk from “chasteners”.


War has eventually come and Boiko-old was detained in Mariupol in August of the last year. Danil headed then the movement to free his father, spreading the relevant information in the social-media.

At the same time Danil, using the connections of his father, got the post of the deputy of the head of the youth wing of a certain “Eurasian club “Donbass”. Danil even tries to give an interview there and tells that will build soon “Eurasian republic of philosophers”.

Russian flag and assault vest – exactly with this attributes not served in the army Danil likes to pose proudly for photo-sets. Maybe to attract the attention of young girls or maybe because of his folly.


Because it’s not understood for Danil and the same uneducated as he victims of propaganda, that the time will come and they will have to account for their misdeeds, in spite of young age and narrow-mind.

Aleksei Kirillov for