MFA of Ukraine demands to provide Nadezhda Savchenko with health care

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine has demanded from Russian side to provide Savchenko with medical support, because of her deteriorating health. Press-service foreign Minister has reported about it.

“In connection with violation by the trial of RF of the right of Nadezhda Savchenko on adequate protection, the consul of the Russian Federation embassy was called in MFA of Ukraine on January 27, 2016 and note of protest, against tyranny directed on her person by so-called Russian justice, was handed”, tells the report.

During the meeting, Ukrainian side demanded from Russian side to take action on providing Nadezhda Savchenko with qualified medical care due to the deterioration of her health, caused by the hunger strike to protest the illegal detention in Russian Federation.

We would remind that 11 petition of the protection of Nadezhda Savchenko were rejected by the Court of Donetsk of Rostov Region.