Russia prepares captured in Crimea landing ship to combat use

The Black Sea Fleet of Russian Federation prepares to combat use captured from Naval Forces of Ukraine Big Landing Ship (BLS) “Konstantin Olshansky”. The source in the General Staff of AFU reports about it.

According to the words of informer, already in last year the ship was painted in colors of RF Navy. Not it’s actively repairing, restoring also two diesel engines. One of them hasn’t worked yet before the occupation of Crimea and the second was damaged by crew. New command was formed.


“Olshansky” after the painting without name and number. Photo by “Sevastopol forum”

“Maybe, Navy of aggressor doesn’t have enough combat ships to deliver cargo, militaries and other equipment to Syria, – tells the source, – However, by international standards, the ship is still in the Ukrainian property, that’s why the passing of it through the Black Sea straits will be paired with the known problems. However, Russians could disguised it as any other their BLS. It’s only enough to put on board another number and change the nameplate. But also here is another one script more unpleasant for us, when “Konstantin Olshansky” will be used only in Black Sea. For example, to implement the landing operation on the Ukrainian coast”.


We would remind that The European Parliament adopted a resolution with the requirements towards Russia at the plenary session in Strasbourg on February 4.