Homophobic People’s Republics and European integration barrack

Human rights and “Russian World” are obvious contradictions. Homophobia become the visiting card of bandit republics. But not everything is alright in the Ukrainian “kingdom” – ultrarightists attack the “March of Equality” in Kyiv, speaker of Verkhovna Rada cries out to God for deliverance from the same-sex marriages…

Sodom and Fascism keep out!

Some information about one out of the ordinary accident was spreaded in the ranks of illegal armed formations on January 2016 by fighters. The collective of the 5th mechanized brigade “Oplot” regretfully informs, that ‘sodomites’ wormed into the ranks of the heroic defenders of ‘republic’. Then insurgents report the names of ‘buggers’ and circumstances of the ‘crime’: they were “caught at the scene of the infamous crime”.

Also, it is reported about their further destiny: gay-insurgents can’ continue their service in “DPR Army”. It’s unknown, if expellees could enlist in “LPR”. But, just in case the press-service of “Oplot” band warns: “We are not Gayrope. Sodom out!”


Fate of Sodom and Gomorra doesn’t threat to occupied Donetsk and Luhansk, but citizens of Ukraine under the power of insurgents have already become acquainted with “Russian Orthodox sharia”. Except frank banditism, military crimes, murders and violations of human rights, ‘novorosses’ put the total control under the private life of inhabitants of occupied territories. The spreading of terror on the intimate space was inevitably.The “Russian World” itself is the security and extremely reactionary doctrine of subordination of the private to general, eradicating dissent and combat with the “Western Values”. The formula of Uvarov “Orthodoxy. Autocracy. Nationality.” was updated to new version “Obscurantism. Putinism. Gregariousness”.

In 2014 Donetsk night gay-club “Babylon” was visited by guests of untraditional for the place sexual orientation. Several dozen of submachine gunners in military uniform have introduced themselves “DPR” soldiers and began to beat the guests of the club. Eyewitnesses of attack report that supporters of the ‘tradition values’ were beating even girls. “Terrorists beat and mocked visitors and staff of “Babylon”, parallelly robbing them”, reported victims in Donetsk.

At the same time in Kyiv

According to the visitors of “Pomada” club the same actions were done by Ukrainian ultrarightists on July 2014. Attackers beat visitors of the place and threw them with stones and firecrackers. No one from groups didn’t assume responsibility for the incident. But comments in the social media give an opportunity to suppose that the members of nationalistic parties and movements took part in attacks.

A year later the “March of Equality” took place in Kyiv. In spite of a fact, that MPs and European diplomats were among the participants, event was over with attack of ultrarightists on demonstrators.

The law enforcements wounded from the actions of homophobes and after the end of March the demonstrators were also attacked by them. The President of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko reported before the event that he’s not going to take part in it, but he “doesn’t see any reasons to prevent it. It’s the Constitutional right of every person”. Rights, the president talked about, were violated repeatedly. Ukrainian ultrarightists didn’t hide that human rights and European integration are not the priorities for them. MP Dmitry Yarosh claimed that “March of Equality” is not only the work, directed on contagion of Ukrainian people, but it’s also spitting on the graves of those, who died in the struggle for Ukraine and on live defenders of the Fatherland”.

The head of NGO “Gay-Forum of Ukraine” Svyatoslav Sheremet considers that homophobia is a scalpel in the hands of the followers of “Russian World”, which is used to cut Ukraine from the European society.

“Homophobia was and stays bright toxicant cherry on the field of “Russian World” and those individuals, who are now for Ukraine split or even for total liquidation of it, tried to feed us with this poison for a long time”, claimed Sheremet.

“Special for homosexual refugees NGO “Insight” created shelter in Kyiv. There can live 6 persons at the same time”, reports the edition gay.ru. This shelter turned necessary for homosexuals, ran away from occupation. At once, a lot of our co-citizens forced to look for protection from Ukrainian homophobic society abroad.

“Novorossiya” or the harvest of ‘normal’ education

“Teachers of one of the schools of Donetsk region gave to us drawings of their pupils, – writes the coordinator of organization “Stop Terror” Semen Kabakaev, – I was terrified from seen – their mind was crippled by “Russian World” with all its misanthropic ideas as racism, homophobia and aggressive intolerance to other faith. It’s clear that pictures of children, who survived warfare will be full of fear and anxiety. But, images of burnt people of unconventional orientation and different racist variations are really not child’s”.


Alike incidents are rare in Ukraine, in spite of efforts of traditionalistic organizations of different way.

The representative of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchy Georgiy Kovalenko claimed that “carrying away the cares about LGBT, the state forgets about more actual problems, for example, the struggle against drunkenness and debauchery among the young generation”.

The head of the press-service of Kyiv Patriarchy Evstratiy Zorya echoes to the ideology opponent of ROC in Ukraine: “Sodomia is a sing by its nature and that’s why it’s spreading the people in the same way as other sings. Homosexuals are not born, as not born junkies, alcoholics, smokers, libertines. Human may be prone to some defects, but if society considers some of the sings norm, prone to it will be more and more. And such society, finally, will die, because they can not be regenerated”.

Secular authorities of Ukraine are also don’t lag behind in the promotion of homophobia. In time of the acception of the anti-discrimination amendments to the Labour Code according to the harmonization of legislation in the field of preventing and combating discrimination in the EU law the head of Ukrainian parliament Vladimir Groisman was urging the deputies to support vote for the changings with such words: “The case is in the situation if person works here we don’t have a right on discrimination. I want to stress one more time, that the main values of any state are the human and its rights”.

Already after the acception of the changes into Labour Code Groisman calmed MPs: “We stand with you for family values and in no case, I hear some fakes, which told that gay marriages can be in Ukraine. God forbid it to happen and we won’t ever support it”.

Prison laws of european integration barrack

The strike force of the criminal separatist ‘revolution’ in Donbass consisted from marginals-jailbirds. The subculture grew from the ‘thieves concepts” of jail movement of ex-USSR and transformed into hatred to the law and state. Ukrainian authority always was compliant with the criminal top of Donbass in time of different presidents, preferring to negotiate with the ex-chieftains of the Unite Criminal Groups except approval on the East of a country. This class become the ‘meat’ of “Russian Spring”, where homosexuality is tabooed by the spreading of the criminal culture. Gay are out of the border of the society discourse. Moreover, Russian Orthodox ‘ties’, including total cultural sets, are legitimizing the discrimination of homosexual people from the religious point of view.


The political integration with EU as the main requirement of Maidan wasn’t accepted by Donbass marginals, because of necessary processing. “Russian World”, overwhelming and normalizing personal and social life of citizens, is incompatible with human rights and civil freedoms. Journalist Nina Krasnova considers that homophobia is the obstacle for Ukraine to join to EU.

“Next time, misters homophobes, when you feel sad that you are not passed in Europe without visas, when you understand that membership isn’t a perspective for I don’t know how many years, when money stop to transfer to you, go to look at yourself in the mirror and kill yourself”, write the journalist in her Facebook page after the bloody accident in Obolon, – It’s because you input your own little but stinky contribution in this case”. By the trails of this “stinky contribution” the investigation was made and trial is going o. The representatives of the “Right Sector” are trying to exert pressure on it.

P.S. Homophobia become common unique “tie’ for the “Russian World” insurgents of “Novorossiya” and Ukrainian ultrarightists. Except homophobia they stand in solidarity in anti-European moods and contempt of the human rights of a human.

Mykyta Pidgora

translated by Denis Bizkitov